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We take a look at the western version of FF13-2 and give our final verdict.

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thedude442487d ago

the game wasn't bad at all, it was better than the last one on ps3 thats for sure.

Ranma12487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

FF13 was the worst FF game ever (minus online games), but this game is getting even lower reviews than that game.

We seem to have a new record. Lets hope this encourages SE to concentrate of gameplay and story next time.

I am going to speak with my wallet on this one

BiggCMan2487d ago

Nearly perfect review scores in Japan, and a very high Meta rating in the states suggest that you are just one of the constant complainers about these 2 games, and following a crowd that can't accept the change in them.

GraveLord2487d ago

How are you not banned for trolling yet? Seriously.

brish2487d ago


As usual your wrong.

This is the Final Fantasy with the lowest score:

Currently Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the highest selling video game on amazon. I like to think that you're constant bashing the game caused more people to become aware of the game helping drive the sales number up because I know how happy that would make you! :-)

MmaFan-Qc2487d ago

what's that sound?

oh yeah, ....thats Ranma1 raging because the game got a good 8/10 aka 4/5

keep raging homie!


Gohadouken2487d ago

No need to even go out of the way to to find a spin off imo .

FF II is easily the worst of the bunch . It is that one quirky FF most wouldnt even remember , and at odds with most of the serie .

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SephirothX212487d ago

80/100 is good. People look too much into scores. Its only an opinion.