Origin: Baby steps before running

Eric Smith of writes - "Origin is still a young service, but are people expecting too much from it? A look at the challenges that the service faces, as well as its Steam competition."

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Julie2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I know i won't be able to play Mass Effect 3 because it is Origins only , i know that Origins still owes me 40$ , i know those 40$ are lost forever, i know that Origins gives no receipt or ANYTHING to back a purchase. I know that Origins sells 800 and 1600 bioware point packs on the sole purpose to scam the users. I know Origins wants badly to make a monopoly.

I hate Origins!
And i do buy games from Steam AND from GoG! and they both have an awesome clean service.

gamingdroid2484d ago

I do agree that Origin is very anti-consumer. I regrettably bought ME 1&2 directly from EA and now it is included with Origin....

ThanatosDMC2484d ago

I hate using BF3 with it only to open up my web browser. ME3 going to be Origin only is gonna suck since i have my save files on Steam.

Megaton2484d ago

I agree about the ME3/Origin suckage, but ME1/ME2 saves aren't locked to Steam. You can do whatever you want with them.

JsonHenry2484d ago

I pulled my saves out of my documents/games folder. But I would MUCH rather keep my games on Steam than Origin.

Even if Origin was just as good as Steam in terms of UI, reliability, and sales I would still rather it be on steam instead of having yet another account to download, install, update, and use.

ThanatosDMC2484d ago

Well, im hoping they'd be compatible with each other so that we all dont get shafted by Origin.

Julie2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I agree with all of you guys and i wish i could buy ME1 2 and 3 from Steam , i would love to play those games on PC , and it is sad that there is no choice, and i will never play most of the EA games because they are not on Steam.

Ubisoft has their own store too wich is messy but they also have the games on Steam that is why i can play Ubisoft games like Anno 2070 wich i love. I dunno if EA is just dumb but they are losing a lot of money by not allowing Steam as an option for purchases. They want to force the purchase , and to force a monopoly , well good luck with that EA , but i won't play your games if they are not on Steam. :(

And i am sorry about all this rant guys but i really had a nightmare on Origins , a VERY hard bad experience. :(

2v12484d ago

ea better change the name origin fast..

Khordchange2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

It makes me angry that this service is growing, ugh.. At least steam is kicking its butt in both growth and actually number of consumers. Steam Number 1 baby!

Allowen2484d ago

Hopefully ME3 will sell real bad (PC) on the first month and then EA will be forced by us ,costumers, to launch their game on Steam.

Julie2484d ago

Yes but then EA would just pull the game out from Steam like they are doing to force people to buy DLC crap from Origins :(

jy_mrnd2484d ago

I'll stick to steam i love the service and the awesome sales!