Twisted Metal Retrospective - Mr. Grimm []

Glitchy Tasty's Eric Dionne - Twisted Metal has gone through many changes; Series mainstay Mr. Grimm has as well. Check out our awesome retrospective of this demonic motorhead!

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FrightfulActions2512d ago

So, I take it I'm one of the only one's who misses Grimm being literally the Grim Reaper of souls, and not some mortal? I was kinda hoping to see a really awesome looking reaper that would put Ghostrider in the run for his money. Instead we get Mr. Voodoo here... He looks cool and all, and that chainsaw attack in the video looked wicked. But still, for me, Mr. Grimm will always be the reaper.

Vynzent2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Nah, I think every Grimm's been cool, including this new guy.

I guess to me it's always about seeing the skull as a symbol of death, and in one way or another they've all had it, including this guy.

I know for sure I'll be using this character the most, and riding "Reaper."

Now what I think would be REALL cool is if they had custom skins, so you can play as the other 2 Grimms!