Kojima on Revengeance: "we might make it into a franchise"

"Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has hinted that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance may not just be a one-time spin off for Raiden. The Rising brand could yet evolve into a fully fledged franchise all onto itself."

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MrGunny942489d ago

I like the idea Mr.Kojima.. Raiden has a great potential as a character, but please could you do the next game like you planned it to be? Where the player choses if he want to go full stealth or not? thanks

h311rais3r2489d ago

This please. The original concept was do much better than revengance.

jc485732489d ago

man, Kojima is no god you know. Making him work like a horse.

Daoshai2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Wow that's a pretty ironic comment coming from a guy named guzblazing. But I totally agree with you.

Angainor72489d ago

You better... but make the sequel YOURSELF next time. You have the opportunity to make one of the most beautiful games in the industry. We need the KOJIMA quality in this game. Anyway, good luck with the first part.

soundslike2489d ago

dont worry, he has the project tied into the new fox engine which is rumored to be like a open world MGS

Adexus2489d ago

If it was the original Rising then I'd say "Sure go for it, should be good"... but as it is now, please don't.

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