DLC is Good for Gaming

We live in the digital age where we can send a mass amount of information to someone on the other side of the world in just seconds. It’s much too easy to abuse the technology we’ve created over the last decade or so, people can steal movies; music and games with ease and never get caught. How can you fight back against a beast like piracy without even knowing where to hit? If you’re a game developer, you create extra content and charge for it.

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Wintersun6162516d ago

Only when it's not included on the disc at launch. GTA4 did DLC well IMO, DX:HR too. But stuff like skins or a few playable characters in fighting or wrestling games should't be DLC, unless it's free.

MaxXAttaxX2516d ago

I remember LBP's Metal Gear DLC. It was one of the best DLCs ever!

Rampaged Death2516d ago

Not all of it is. Maps and campaign add-ons are great. Different skins and cheats are awful. It's shameful that publishers charge you for that kind of content.

ElliePage2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

DLC is good for gaming...If you love getting wallet raped.

Ghost2502516d ago

no its not especially when companies like Crapcom, EA, & Activision take advantage of people with crap like costumes, cheat codes and crap like COD Elite which is just a way for them to anally rape you out of more money. and people say that used games are bad for the industry when companies pull crap like DLC on the disc that you have to pay for to unlock even though we should have access to it in the first place.

admiralvic2516d ago

This is classic "baseless" hate. Among fighting game DLC the "Crapcom" costumes are the best. If you want to complain about that go complain about Blazblue's pallet swaps, alternate announcer voices or King of Fighters stuff. Even AH 3 had pallet swap costume DLC... only SF III (which was a port) has DLC like that, which I think is going "too far" to call them out.

Additionally not every "Crapcom" game has insane DLC either. Lost Planet 2 had several DLC costumes for free (in fact all were free) and most of the DLC was quite cheap (relatively speaking).

Finally the "all in one" element is becoming an industry standard over a limited company problem.

zerocrossing2516d ago

I like to think of it as it were a 3 course meal.

The demo is your starter, just there to wet your appetite, the game itself should be like your whole main meal (nothing missing), and DLC should be the desert you have if you're still feeling a bit peckish.

Jappaex2516d ago

I wish this was so, but so many games release without demo's, have missing content, and then resell it to you on release day as dlc :/

zerocrossing2516d ago

Yeah, what should be and what it actually is, are very really ever the same thing :/

It's like the industry is taking a step backwards, DLC should be a fun bonus not a way to charge you for content that should already be available...

tiffac0082515d ago

I have mix feelings about DLC, some games just feel half done and sometimes you feel the DLCs are forced and doesn't really give any meaning full experience or add to the story of the game.

I've become patient with a lot of games this generation and hope they come out with a complete edition down the line, if not I buy the game(s) when they are cheaper and get the DLCs by then and most of the time when they are on sale.

zerocrossing2514d ago

DLC is definitely being abused :/ the entire point should be to prolong the experience, not drip feed you until you get the game you already paid for.

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