Max Payne 3 aims for defect free gameplay

InEntertainment writes: Max Payne 3 will release within the next 4 months and while we expect it to be pretty amazing, can it really be perfect? Rockstar are aiming at just that and this has been confirmed in a recent interview, which has been published within he last 24 hours. The VP of product development, Jeronimo Barrera, talks about Max Payne 3 and how they’re “shooting for perfection“.

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danswayuk2516d ago

Should developers be raising our expectations so high, as this is a quick way to disappointment.

M4I0N32516d ago

I find it quite disappointing the way the 3rd entry to the Max Payne series changes the whole look of the film noir atmosphere.

Although the technology being used in this game looks to be very interesting

ShabbaRanks2516d ago

I cant wait to play this... I've been waiting for YEARS !!!