PSM3 review scores – February 2012

Take a look at the latest review scores from PSM3.

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Ranma12485d ago

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (import) – 9.1

Good score, was hoping FF could get those kind of scores these days...sigh

Godmars2902485d ago

FFXIII and XIII-2 did and likely will get those kind of scores.

For the wrong reasons mind you, but they still got them.

Snookies122485d ago

Yeah, I agree... XIII, and XIII-2 had great potential, but Enix squandered that away with the limiting gameplay and environments. :( I don't want a Final Fantasy that gets good scores because of its name and graphics alone... I want it to get them for actually being a work of art, that's lovingly crafted and sends me off into a world that I want to be in, not leave at the next save point.

Relientk772485d ago

Ni no Kuni picture!.. click now

it got a 9.1/10

nice!, I cannot wait for this game

Julie2485d ago

Same i really can't wait!

Surfaced2484d ago

happy to see NNK getting a nice score... apparently the Japanese did not like it so much

DigitalAnalog2484d ago

See how that turned out in the west?