Truth About 7.1 Dolby Digital Gaming Headsets

It must be exciting purchasing a headset like the Turtle Beach XP500 thinking you will get 7.1 dolby digital. This is not the case.

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2pacalypsenow2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

"(the playstation 3) doesn't even support 7.1! "
what??!!!! Uncharted has 7.1 LPCM and so does Resistance

And Blu rays have 7.1 DTS Master Audio

Incipio2336d ago

I seriously cannot believe, going on 6 years later, that people have the balls to say that the ps3 doesn't output 7.1 audio. To even begin to suggest the ps3 is restricted to the same audio output ability as the xbox 360 is absolutely blasphemous.

gcolley2336d ago

get over it. who really cares (besides a drama queen fanboy)?

Daver2336d ago

Lair had 7.1 sound, its been a while

2pacalypsenow2336d ago

@gcolley so its ok to put in false info and if you correct it your a fanboy?

ShinMaster2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Their comments were on topic with the article.

PS3 outputs at 7.1 via HDMI. So when the headsets claim 7.1 via an optical, it's false.

Tired2335d ago

It's true that you can't recieve 7.1 through the optical port...there isn't enough bandwidth.

It can of course send it through hdmi...

But I'm pretty sure the Sony 7.1 headset works through the usb port. Compatibility for it was mentioned in one of the firmware updates.

But without 7+ mini speakers in the cans this whole argument is stupid, because it'll be pseudo 7.1 like 'virtual' surround sound through 2 speakers.

Anon19742327d ago

@ hawkboi. You're right, it's only virtual 7.1, not full 7.1. Although, after having received a pair for Christmas, I've got to say I had to verify from a couple different sources that it's only two speakers in there. I thought there were at least 2 speakers in each ear or something, because the surround effect produced by these headphones is pretty damn cool. And wireless, comfortable and only $100. Certainly they've made my late night gaming sessions much more enjoyable now I don't have to worry about waking up my sleeping toddler.

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IHateYouFanboys2336d ago

optical audio connections CANNOT carry 7.1 surround sound, only up to 5.1. if anyone here has a 7.1 system and has it connected to their PS3 via optical, they are actually only getting 5.1 which is then kinda 'upscaled' to 7.1. its not really 7.1.

for those that dont believe me, just google it yourself and youll see.

the ONLY way it can do 7.1 audio is via HDMI -

Raider692336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Output with hdmi to a master home theater,not to headsets using coaxial or optical connection!Optical dont do 7.1!

Incipio2336d ago

Anyone who buys a headset thinking that they are getting true positional, discrete surround sound is sorely misinformed and/or delusional.

gcolley2336d ago

my 5.1 trittons work perfectly fine for discrete positional audio once you get used to them (you need time to train your ears). but i agree you can't get the same performance from a 2 speaker headset outputting virtual surround, you need 4 speakers in each ear like mine. and no i am not delusional

Blaine2336d ago

lol all these words just to say that the headsets do *gasp* "virtual 7.1"... Is there ANYONE in here who didn't know that already?