Hard Reset's 2011 Game Of The Year

Oh man. 2011. What a year for video games. Quite possibly one of the greatest years for gamers ever. From Little Big Planet 2 to Star Wars: The Old Republic via a couple of hundred triple A titles, last year made gamers around the world poor but extremely happy. We had Batman, Jensen, Price, Sev, Capelli, Scorpion, Phelps, Nukem, Tanner, Drake and, of course, Mario. 20 years of Sonic, 10 years of Xbox and Gamecube.
It was a fantastic year, but what was the best. For a game to be truly great is has to stand above the rest having the best sound and graphics, being the best value for money, the best gameplay. They have to give you a rush of emotion, a sense of nostalgic throwback and be truly innovative. As voted on by all the staff, here are the Hard Reset top five games of 2011.

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SJPFTW2509d ago

Its Skyrim. inb4 the ps3 fanboy shit storm