Rumour Control: Dissecting This Week's Biggest Reports breaks down and analyses this week's slew of reports regarding the next-gen Xbox, Blu-Ray, Wii U and Syphon Filter 4.

Dealspwn writes: "Sources claim that Microsoft's next console will feature a Blu-Ray drive, and though it would be potentially embarrassing in the short term, adopting the tech would be a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

Microsoft would benefit from increased storage capacity and another feather in their all-round entertainment centre hat, whereas the Blu-Ray Disc Association (of which Sony is a member, not the owner) will enjoy an entirely new market for their films. Sony Pictures will also have a new market to peddle their wares to. So long as Microsoft isn't too proud to accept... or unless the DVR rumour is true... we can definitely see this happening. We can't imagine that MS will be keen to launch a new disc format after the HD-DVD fiasco."

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