Everything We Know About Kojima's Mystery Game

At this very moment Kojima is working on a new game, of which very little is known. Usually we don’t get more information than a photo of Kojima’s lunch on Twitter, accompanied by the text that he’s having a ‘Project Ogre’ lunch meeting. However, over the last few years we have had little snippets of news regarding Hideo Kojima’s mysterious project. Because it was easy to miss some of them, here is all the information collected in one place, rumors separated from facts.

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auen12512d ago

a metal gear title set some time between ww1 and the end of ww2 would be quite welcome by me. let's see the cobras in action, in their prime. it'd be sweet to play as different characters too after you beat the game multiple times in order to switch up the game play in fresh ways, such as getting to be the end, the fury, or the sorrow. three very distinct styles.

Nyxus2512d ago

Kojima actually had plans for a game like that. You can see him talk about it in the 'Truth about Rising' documentary video (it's on I still like the idea of it myself.