Skyrim users either frustrated or addicted

InEntertainment writes: There is no doubt in our mind that Skyrim is better than the majority of games from 2011, although gamers would tell more people about issues than successes. Stories of Skyrim frustration range from crashing, screen tearing, so-called lag, repeated speaking, followers attacking you for no reason, and loads more.

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danswayuk2488d ago

I've not had many problems with Skyrim and count it as one of the best games in a long time, and the idea of patches is to fix issues so we don't wait forever for a release, although I've heard a few people saying that Skyrim should have been delayed as it released with too many bugs.

iamnsuperman2488d ago

I think though Bethesda has relied to heavenly on the "fix it later" than actually delaying the game which a lot of developers and publishers have been doing which, in my opinion, is totally out of order.

brish2488d ago

Sometimes they don't even fix it later. There are lag problems in fallout 3 for the ps3 still.

AbyssGravelord2488d ago

Used to be addicted but then found out there's a much more amazing game called Dark Souls.

h311rais3r2487d ago

Give ne a break. I love ds too but you fangirls r worst out of em all

kramun2487d ago

I love Dark Souls as well, but it can't beat the GOTY on pc.

Lazy_Sunday2488d ago

1% of Skyrim users=frustrated
99% of Skyrim users=addicted


Arts10002488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Most who are frustrated are also Addicted ....... lIke me .
More the reason than ever to be frustrated ..... game is dead in my PS3

salinidus2487d ago

check out some of the glitches this guys found they are game breaking

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ArchangelMike2488d ago

definately addicted for me 0.o

susanto12282488d ago

What the hell is everyone talking about? I'm level 49 and so far
I have not encountered any bugs at all on the PC version. Why don't people that complain about this game go back to their first person shooters and leave these games for the big boys.

Baka-akaB2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Come on dont fool yourself , you know you are being lucky then .

I havent encountered much issues with the pc version of the game as well , but there is still plenty that was fixed by modding , wich they could have addressed beforehand .

Like the way they compiled the game , wich is ludicrous . As shown with mods easily offering 20 to 40 % framerate boosts , and an official patch soon doing the same .

The game is still awesome , at least on pc , but bethesda attitude hasnt been honest so far

MysticStrummer2488d ago

I didn't have much trouble with my PS3 version, but I know many did. Bethesda admits there are still problems with all versions of the game so anyone who has no issue whatsoever is lucky indeed. I was neither frustrated nor addicted to Skyrim. I still have a lot of things I could do on my quest log but once I finished the story I lost interest. I may go back it later, but Dark Souls was a better game in my opinion.

Cosmo8112488d ago

>Why don't people that complain about this game go back to their first person shooters and leave these games for the big boys.

Congratulations, you just discredited your own comment!

KYU21302488d ago

I'm both addicted and frustrated. I'm running it on PS3 and have experienced every single bug and they have been talking about. so i started over from scratch (i was level 68)and didn't put a single book on a book shelf, now I'm level 30 with a 8meg save file and only froze and locked up once. still a lot of lag but its playable.

as for you susanto1228, just because people have problems with a game and complain doesn't mean its not for them.

4agemO2488d ago

I was addicted, but I'm done with the game 'for now'. In approximately 200 hours of playtime the only real bug I encountered was the game freezing, and that happened maybe 5 times or so.

danswayuk2488d ago

Will you jump back when DLC arrives?

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