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GamingUnion: "Scarygirl is the latest game adaptation of Nathan Jurevicius' signature graphic novel series. This action platformer - centered around a strange little girl, guardian octopus and whimsical rabbit - certainly has a colourful premise, but unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the mechanics. Ultimately, Scarygirl's detailed and varied cartoon art style serve only to mask an otherwise middling experience. Everything from the simplistic combat, fairly standard platforming and somewhat unresponsive controls hold the game back from being considered more than an occasionally interesting piece of visual art. It's a shame, but all will become quite clear as we delve into the different aspects that make up Scarygirl."

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tweex2510d ago

Kind of disappointing. The art style looked really cool and I was hoping this was gonna be good. Oh well.

BuffMordecai2510d ago

Its not that bad, IGN gave Scarygirl a 7.5 and said the game has a Donkey Kong Country feel to it.