How To Become A Horse In Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V

IMHW Writes "Here at Wings, We are quickly becoming fans of Machinima Director "TRIX" who has produced yet another innovative tutorial detailing "How to play as a horse in Skyrim" The Elder Scrolls V. Yes you read that correctly: A simple easy and short guide on how to become a horse. This is possibly the most ridiculous and fun thing we have seen in Skyrim and for that we applaud the video producer. Bravo Trix, Bravo.

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to become a horse and blow your souls:

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Sarick2511d ago

Doesn't look like he's really the horse. It looks like the game didn't animate the getting on the horse because it didn't have time after the transformation.

trixnine2507d ago

@sarick basically the body of your character becomes a dummy whilst you control the horse. The dummy is seperated from the animal. You are essentially the horse.