Meodia: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Review

Meodia reviews the remake of a classic that is, 'Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary';

"Way back in 2001 bungie released a little game called Halo: Combat Evolved for Microsofts then young xbox console. Ten years on and Halo is now a household name among gamers spawning two sequels and several spin off’s, with the latest instalment Halo...Chances are if you’re reading this there's one question burning in your mind. Have they done a good job? Yes, yes they certainly have."

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Marc1k12510d ago

I enjoyed the game again but I do feel it was rather pointless and 343 should not be praised or punished for this, Its good, but its Halo: CE so of course I liked it, Its like if someone remade FF7 I'd still like it but that means nothing to that companies competence or ability to create their own games.

Tanir2510d ago

meeeeeeeeh not really lol. if ff7 was remade tons of work would have to be done, like tons.

halo anniversery is the same thing as the first sept few more modes and its in HD, compare it more to Resident evil HD, not an ff7 remake that was 32 bits compared to HD gaming lol, the difference would be massive

emmerin2510d ago

really, just in HD? they remade the whole game graphically you troll.

Aloren2510d ago

Resident Evil HD ? If you're talking about RE4, then no, it's nothing like that, RE4 HD is just exactly the same, except in hd, like most "HD remakes"; Halo anniversary is closer in nature to games like Prince of Persia Classics, TR Anniversary, or the RE remake for the GC, where games were really improved visually, and not just upscaled with some AA.

It may not be as complicated as a FF7 remake, but it still represents a lot more work than RE4 HD.

Jallen2510d ago

Pretty sure he's talking about the REmake. You know Resident Evil on the GC, a good remake by all standards but that wasn't just a simple port with better graphics. They changed a lot, bringing it up to the standards of the time.

This game however just gives the classic a lick of paint and calls it a day.

Jantrit2508d ago

I dont really agree. True they havent really shown if they know how to make a decent game but they havent exactly been lazy have they? This re-make obviously took lots of thought and effort and for that they deserve praise.

Jantrit2510d ago

Is a rather good game isnt it :) Shame so many game play elements were left as they originally were but good all the same.

MizTv2510d ago

i love this game and is on of the better remasters i have played