Capcom explain why Resident Evil 6’s pre-order incentives were announced early

Capcom’s Mikeeb explains why they decided to announce the pre-order incentives early for their upcoming multiplatform survival-horror title, Resident Evil 6.

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kcuthbertson2241d ago

Ummm...because the more preorders they make, the more money they get?

BiggCMan2241d ago

Money, simple enough. It looks good though, I hope it's actually a survival horror game that makes you feel creeped out and whatnot. I liked 5 as an action game, but that's all it was. You didn't feel like you were ever helpless, and needed to survive, and it was about as scary as Hello Kitty.

SKUD2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

Maps?. This can't be good. Ohboyherewego.

ShoryukenII2241d ago

I don't like when a game is announced, I preorder it and 6 months later, I find out that another retailer has a better deal. At least now, anyone that wants to preorder this knows where to preorder.