Gametrailers: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Preview

Gametrailers: Pick up a sword, dagger, or staff and join us for some high-level exploits thirty hours in!

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kevnb2391d ago

this looks awesome, wasnt on my radar until recently for some reason.

MrGunny942391d ago

Just pre ordered, let's hope EA doesn't destroy this new IP

Clipper132390d ago

EA is only publishing this title, they have no say in the development aspect. In other words, no need to worry :D

AllroundGamer2391d ago

the fights looks good, but the world seems so empty...

BizDaWolf2391d ago

I played the demo and I'm sold day 1 buy for me you can get at toys r us for $45 dollars if you preorder before the 7th

Baba19062391d ago

love it =D im going to be an awesome mage =D

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