Nintendo gives Sony a bloody nose by refusing to play power games

Ruth Mortimer writes, "It's that time of year when children start making their lists for Father Christmas promising that they have been very good all year long. But even the best-behaved kids may be disappointed if they want a Nintendo Wii. The console has been continuously sold out in shops around the UK for months; you can't even bribe Santa with a dram of whisky and a premium mince pie."

"But why has the Wii been so popular? Just over a year ago, everyone assumed that Sony's Playstation 3 would be the dominant console around the world. Nintendo was a giant of the computer industry in the 1990s, but was unable to compete on the same terms as Sony or its other main rival in consoles, Microsoft."

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PimpHandHappy3814d ago

i like that pic Bloodmask

This is what the Wii has done to the 360 in its first year

socomnick3814d ago

lol if thats what it has done to the Xbox 360 what has it done to the ps3. Kill it and rape its mother ?

3814d ago
Real Gambler3814d ago

This is NEWS 4 Gamers...

Please, if somebody here, didn't knew about this "news", let us know. If somebody here is still not aware that the Wii as already sold more than the 360 in half the time, let us know. If somebody doesn't know there's been more Wii sold than the PS3, let us know. We are here to help you.

Now, back to the NEWS please. I don't think anybody will raise their hand here, and say: "Wow, I didn't knew about that, thanks for posting this news guys!"

N4Flamers3814d ago

a little dumber now that I read this. Hold on I think I can rewrite this "News" article.

Did you know that the wii is white and the ps3 is black. Nintendo unlike sony decided to make a console that wasnt just black. I think thats about as significant as everything she wrote. Man I can't believe people post that crap.

whoelse3814d ago

Its a reminder of whats happening coming out from the words of someone new.

mistertwoturbo3814d ago

Eh... The Wii won't have a chance against the PS3 once FFvsXIII and FFXIII comes out. Infact, it'll do more than punch the wii in the nose. It'll pull out it's head connected to it's spinal cords.

eagle213814d ago

The Wii has outsold the PS3. Everyone knows this, the author ends with PS3 gaining ground in the holiday months. She hardly mentions 360. She wrote from an end of September sales perspective and did not mention 360 at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.