My Ten Favorite Music Tracks from Video Games

UM writes: "My friends all laugh at me, because whenever I drive anywhere, the first song playing from my iPod is generally from a video game or movie soundtrack. I’m a product of my environment, and my musical tastes are heavily influenced by movies, trailers, tv shows and games, and as such I have “terrible” taste in music according to everyone else. So be it.

But I think there are some damn good tracks out there, particularly on video game soundtracks. You might not notice them as you’re playing, but if you do, chances are they’re pretty damn good to distract you from your task at hand.

These ten tracks I’ve been listening to long after I put down the controller. See if my terrible musical tastes might actually match your own with a few of these."

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Snookies122513d ago

I love video game music... Always have, in fact it fills most of my musical library. I don't believe that constitutes having a "bad" taste in music at all. Video game music is created to inspire emotion within a scene, if done properly that emotion can be felt any time you listen to that particular piece. That is a wonderful feeling, and should not be frowned upon.

im_right2513d ago

Tekken and Sonic music FTW

im_right2513d ago

Tekken and Sonic music FTW.

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