WWE '13 Has Been In Development For Several Months Now

Although THQ is still planning features for WWE '13, it has been revealed that the game is already been in development for several months now.

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TheCopyNinja2485d ago

Why cant THQ just die? God damn..

Foxgod2485d ago

Thats how it normally goes with yearly titles.
Hopefully universe 3.0 will be more fun then 2.0.

SephirothX212485d ago

The whole gameplay needs an overhaul. It is not fun in single player with the reversal system the way it is and it is too laggy online. Animations and graphics are good enough but the gameplay is not.

rocky0475862485d ago

Gameplay did get an overhaul with the predator technology. You are probably just not timing the reversals right because I always have fun online and it's not laggy with the reversals at all, or hardly ever anyway. Don't follow what the game tells you to reverse, you have to actually look at the move and time it correctly with just ONE hit of the reversal button, that's all it takes, no more button mashing.

Cra2yey32485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Overhaul for the worse. The gameplay is so boring and every wrestler has almost the same moves. I sold it the week I got it. Haven't kept a wwe title since 2006.

DeadlyFire2485d ago

Gameplay is the same since SVR 2008. YES in WWE 12 as well. The "Overhaul" is just a slight AI improvement. Animations cleaned up a bit.

Reversals as Rocky said can't be followed by the icons. They appear later than the move beginning so its not possible to click at the same time. I don't know if glitch or just royal F-up. Either way its not pleasant. AI reversing everything you throw at it is not always fun, but its not fun to have them sit still either. I feel like WWE 12 strips the freedom of doing what you used to want to do in a match away. Now its 100% match and no side fun or less of it than typical.

Online is laggy for me as well. Lag depends mostly on location, but knowing Yukes. They rely likely on gamespy servers. Not perfection if you ask me its the lazy way to craft an online mode.

Gameplay is boring. Universe mode is boring.

Last fun SVR game was SVR 2007. WWE games 2008-2012 can suck it.

rocky0475862483d ago

DeadlyFire, Gameplay isn't the same as 2008, hell no. I played that game recently and I literally couldn't stomach how atrocious it was compared to now. The animations aren't just cleaned up a bit, they are totally new and fluid animations as far as how they are rendered on the screen compared to ANY WWE game before it. You have to be delusional if you can't feel the difference.

AI doesn't reverse everything you throw at it either. I don't know what game you're playing but it isn't WWE'12 if this is what you're experiencing. The icons are meant only as a partial guide and not as a means to an end, you don't need to follow the icons in order to be successful at reversals at all.

Online isn't laggy unless you have someone that has a bad connection or you have a bad connection yourself. THQ does the game servers in-house, they got rid of Gamespy last year so you're wrong about that as well.

Your opinion if Gameplay and Universe is boring, I think those two things are the saving grace and most important parts of the core experience of the game. If you don't have fun with the game then I don't know what to say other than you'll never be happy with a wrestling game they make then.

cyguration2483d ago

Completely agree Rocky.

Everyone griping on WWE 12 obviously didn't play it. The game is a HUUUUUGE step up from Smackdown vs Raw 2011, just with the animation transitions and gameplay fluidity. The Predator technology is very sexy.

In fact when I was doing a tag-team match with a buddy we couldn't tell when we could do moves or not because the transitions were so smooth, coupled with the TV-style production cameras. It was like you were literally watching a match play out as opposed to just seeing wrestlers toss punches, kicks and grapple moves around.

Also, the tag-team moves and move-combinations are amazing. I can't wait to see what they do for WWE 13.

And anyone who says Universe mode is boring obviously hasn't played it. It can be extremely addictive if you're a wrestling fan.

rocky0475862483d ago

Haha, I agree with you Cyguration. Are you on PS3 bro? I, too, can't wait to see what happens for WWE'13 and beyond. Universe mode is one of the best things to ever be put in the game. Of course it can use some work, but it's a continuing work in progress and a major step up from the past iteration in many ways. I'm glad I finally have a person that knows what they are talking about on here, usually it's just someone that either doesn't know what they are talking about or haven't played the games in years and haven't touched WWE'12 and are just talking out of their asses and out of pure nostalgia for the old games.