Naughty Dog, keep the arrogance in check, would you kindly?

MEG: "Chest-beating about their own game is a common practise among developers. I don’t think their marketing team will like it very much if they do otherwise. However, developers have rarely gone cocky, and have always drawn the line when it comes to keeping the hype-train reined in. This is probably a Video Game Developement 101, a tactic to keep expectations and over delivering; a chapter slowly going missing in Naughty Dog’s textbook."

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Pintheshadows2510d ago

Haha, J-Blaze will be all over this.

NewMonday2509d ago

the directors of this game are not the ND studio heads, its the first time in the spotlight for them so they are excited and over eager, understandable.

personally i think to much talk about a game along way off is needles.

scofios2509d ago

Cliffy .B , Turn 10 ,

He where are your articles when those two open their mouth hypocriets.

kreate2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Sorry for my ignorance but ... What arrogance?

Didnt they praise gears of war 3's developers and its high sales not too long ago?

Silly gameAr2510d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Woah, I think this article was approve in record time. People can truly make something out of nothing.

kneon2509d ago

While I didn't approve it I mostly agree with it. Too many times have we seen developers brag about their game only to be let down with the piece of crap they finally release.

While I really doubt ND will release crap I would still prefer all developers to just let their games speak for themselves.

xAlmostPro2509d ago

Yup, because guys developing a game are going to say "yeah it's coming along, it's ok".. as if that will convince people to buy the game :L

GraveLord2509d ago

Naughty Dog has never bragged before. They are really proud of what they're doing with The Last Of Us. I see no problem with a little bragging.

You'd have to be an extreme fanboy or something to find this insulting.

kneon2509d ago

I'm not saying they shouldn't promote their game or talk it up at all. But when developers over do it, as many have in recent years, they come across as a arrogant pricks. And when they do that they had better deliver or they end up looking really stupid.

Bioshocking2509d ago

Im sorry, but I would not call it arrogance, but rather over eagerness.

I mean, ND has been concepting this game for around 5-6 years now, and now that they can finally show what they have been working on, I think they are very excited.

I mean, they did not insult anyone, all they said was that the majority of story telling is poor in video games which I agree with, as the myriad of war fps, and lame JRPG's dominate this market, not all of them tell a good story.

They want to make gaming better, and are openly challenging other devs to try and do something like this, to em better gaming.

Thats what they are saying, they are not showing of at all

Derpy2509d ago

Still, it almost never turns out good for the gamer when a company starts getting too arrogant, so hopefully that's not the path they're heading down.

KonaBro2509d ago

The quote got taken out of context and besides, how does the words of one man represent an entire company? FURTHERMORE, This guy is the same guy who worked on Uncharted 2, one of the most highly awarded games of all time. He didn't work on Uncharted 3 which is where people are going to obviously try to quote when referring to this story. Considering the way stories are told nowadays, I'm incline to believe he isn't far from the truth when you have dreck like Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2's wonky story.

GribbleGrunger2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

bragging rights are earned. he's also spot on with his assessment of how these games are dealt with. even the great Deadspace (playing it at the moment) relies more on shock and horror than any real emotional connection with the characters.

rdgneoz32509d ago

I agree with the first half, though Deadspace is more about the shock and horror than any sort of emotional connection to characters (and it did a good job at that, at least the first game).

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