New Research Reveals That Console Purchasers Want Motion Sensing

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, gaming consoles are once again atop "wish lists" for 2007. New research commissioned by InterSense Inc. reveals the Nintendo Wii is first in the hearts of potential game console buyers this holiday season -- ahead of the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 -- in large part due to the system's integrated motion sensing technology. Providing a more immersive, life-like gaming experience, "motion sensing" enables players to dynamically interact with a video game by using their hands or a hand-held device in a more natural way, such as by punching, fighting with a sword, swinging a bat or throwing a ball.

"It's clear that motion sensing technology has played a key role in the tremendous success to date of the Nintendo Wii," stated T.C. Browne, CEO of InterSense Inc. "We are at the early stages of the integration of motion sensing capabilities into gaming and these survey results demonstrate the market is primed and ready for the next stage in the evolution of gaming -- one in which games will capture not only a player's motion, but also his or her effort, speed, directionality and skill-based 'play action' -- ultimately bringing the competitive gaming experience much closer to capturing live game reality."

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resistance1003840d ago

If thats true, then why aren't motion sensoring ps3 games selling like hotcakes.

Wii's success if more due to its low price point, great marketing from nintendo and its tapping an untouched market

Night4ll3840d ago

No one can compare PS3 motion sensing to Wii motion sensing. It doesn't work well on PS3 (honestly it seems as if it was tacked on...). Wii was built for motion control. PS3 motion sensing games aren't selling well because they quite frankly stink...

razer3840d ago

You should try High Velocity Bowling on the PS3. The Sixaxis works brilliant and blows WiiSports Bowling out of the water.

If it was tacked on, they did one hell of a job.

QuackPot3840d ago

That's why. Throw a punch with two hands - yeah, like that's going to work.

I will always keep saying this:

The wii-mote-like controller is the FUTURE OF CONTROLLERS.

Sony needs to make a better version of the wii-mote for the Ps2 and quickly develop 4-5 games that successfully utilize the more immersive gameplay. Then have the Play-mote packaged with the Ps4 in 4 years time.

I can guarantee the xbox 720 will have a wii-mote-like controllers as this is a no brainer.

And yes, price is the other reason the Wii has been successful. This isnt exactly rocket science.

okcomputer3840d ago

I agree with the untapped market and the great advertising by nintendo, but the price point argument doesn't really stack up since people are still buying the wii in droves on ebay for well over $400 and those pricey $600 bundles at retailers are also selling out as well. This christmas season has shown that price has nothing to do with the success of the wii.

BrianC62343840d ago

These research studies are lame. It was paid for by a company selling motion sensing technology so of course it says gamers want it. That's why I never believe research. It's always skewed to who paid for it.

cmrbe3840d ago

Price is a major factor why the wii is selling really well. The cases that you mention is not the norm. Most wii are still sold at retail price. I agree to what resistent wrote.Also since the wii is in short supply as it is the hottest selling item this holiday season. The wii on e-bay and other similar sites would normally sell for alot more. BTW i just love Ok computer. Cheers

BrianC62343840d ago

"The wii-mote-like controller is the FUTURE OF CONTROLLERS"

No thanks. I prefer standard controllers. The Wii-mote is a gimmick. We don't need no stinkin Wii-motes on real consoles.

BrotherNick3840d ago

BrianC6234, research is way more reliable than opinion. Without research many things would not be there for us today. At least now I'll get motion sensing systems in the future.

BrianC62343840d ago

"research is way more reliable than opinion. Without research many things would not be there for us today. At least now I'll get motion sensing systems in the future."

I'd agree with you if research wasn't paid for by special interests. This study was paid for by a company that benefits from a good report. So it isn't research. It's marketing. See the difference?

This is like the story about wine being good for you. Wine growers pay for a study that says wine is good for you. Beer makers don't like that so they pay for a study that says wine is bad for you, drink beer. I just don't trust any research anymore. It's all marketing now. And if no source is given for who paid for it don't trust it at all. We can't keep letting "research" tell us what we want.

SlappyMcTaint3840d ago

I'll give M$ another 6-8 months before they do their own stinky version of motion control, and then hype it up like they invented it.

LanRanger3839d ago

Microsoft had a motion sensing joystick, the Freestyle Pro, 8 years ago. What cares who invented what, when though? If Microsoft comes out with a motion sensing joystick that adds something to game play, more power to them.

Bubble Buddy3839d ago

i noticed lots of new games don't use the wii's motion capabilities or it is like a second option. Brawl for example, can used normal controllers but you can use the motion sensor. Strikers had barely any motion sensing except for the goalie shiet

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gamesblow3840d ago

I damn sure don't... High Velocity Bowling is great fun, but I don't want to play every game like that. Wii is restrictive. Ps3 and xbox 360 are not.

Danja3840d ago

High Velocity Bowling is much better than Wii bowling or w/e. it's called..

but I rather play games with the sixaxis than the Wii-mote....

Night4ll3840d ago

I guess it has to be really damn amazing because Wii bowling is so much fun... so have you played both or are u just being a fanboy?

QuackPot3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

You're all assuming Sony's Play-mote will be a copy of the Wii-mote.

Of course it won't. Sony will keep the good stuff and get rid of the bad and bring in better ways of having a two handed motion senstivie rumble controller.

Hell, just think of a controller with the analogue sticks at the top and chop it in half ensuring each half has rumble and motion sensing. You can still play your standard game with the traditional controls(analog, pad, trigger) but now have you hands and arms free to move around - without holding your controller in two hands like a granny.

This is obviously the future and you guys need to open you minds.

rofldings3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I've played both and I can tell you that High Velocity bowling is a lot better. Custom soundtracks, HD smoothness, and the way you hold the sixaxis/dualshock3 feels just right for a bowling game.

And you can do awesome moves by spinning the ball w/ l2/r2, etc

There's even a mode where you can put ramps/chairs/etc in the bowling ally for an arcade-ie style bowling experience. Wii bowling just lacks.

...And best of all, when I'm done playing bowling, I can go play real games like UT3, COD4, Uncharted, Warhawk, etc - whereas you're stuck playing crappy minigames on the wii ;)

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Darkiewonder3840d ago

Just saying. who are they asking? o.o

aceman73840d ago

Motion sensing is the reason why most of Wii's games are shovel-ware and doesn't get most PS3/360 multiplats.

Motion sensing only works well with certain games.

Night4ll3840d ago

I don't think Wii owners care for multiplats especially since some of them own another system, or some just don't really care for them. Multiplats won't work on Wii because it doesn't share the same specs as the other systems, and multiplats are'nt made with motion sensing in mind . So what would be the point. Wii gamers want games specifically designed to be played with motion sensing.

I know I can't speak for everyone, buy I personally don't have the time to play all the games on all the systems (for now). When I do, I think I'll buy another console. But for right now I'm happy with one console and one hand held.

harpua3840d ago

motion sensing is nice to have but no way would i want every game built around it.

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