Razer Blade First Wave on Sale and Shipping Early February 2012

Razer announced the pre-order of the Razer Blade Gaming Laptop is now open. The laptop will be shipped next week.

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Medievaldragon2430d ago

I really want one of these. Bit pricy, but cool.

specialguest2429d ago

When it comes to gaming, it might seem pricey, but when you compare the specs to the over priced mac book, it's not so bad.

arnyftw2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

It seems extremely weak for its price, I got a similar laptop , with a i7 quad core, similar graphics card and 4 gb ram for $1000

Solid_Snake372429d ago

yeah, this isnt worth it :/

grahf2429d ago

I'm still mad that the whole reveal wasn't the portable Switchblade concept. I just can't get behind a $2700 laptop.