Activision Clandestinely Releases Dark Reign Redux on Xbox Live Indie Games

"Activision might be about as indie as Metallica these days, but that hasn’t stopped the goliath of a publisher from releasing Dark Reign Redux on Xbox Live Indie Games for $5. The remake of the 1997 PC RTS popped up on the Marketplace yesterday with nary a press release or hint of marketing to support it. At least Activision got that part of the indie formula correct."

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kewlrats2307d ago

I TOTES remember the original Dark Reign! I loved it!

plmkoh2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

How on Earth are you suppose to play this with a controller, Dark Reign is so fast.

JsonHenry2307d ago

I am wondering this myself.

sonicsidewinder2307d ago

no fuckin' way.

But how could it work?!

delosisland2307d ago

Guess what ladies and gentlemen...u can demo pretty much EVERYTHING on xbl. Go figure!!!

MikeJWall2306d ago

It's actually a requirement. Every XBLA and XBLIG needs to have a playable demo