IGN: Mass Effect 3 for Character or Trophies?

IGN: It shouldn't be a debate and I know that it's silly, but I still can't decide if I'm going to play Mass Effect 3 on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Right now, I'm leaning towards Xbox 360, and if you know me, that's crazy talk.

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NukaCola2513d ago

I played the original on 360 and the second one on PS3. I am going to stick with PS3. But If I played the first two on 360 only, then I would stick with that. I do love getting trophies too. The Kinect feature may lean some gamers' desicions. Personally it's user choice. But you get the most out playing through on one console. Visually the Mass 3 engine for PS3 Mass 2 was outstanding, so neither console gamer need worry.

darren_poolies2513d ago

I agree. I played through both on 360 but haven't touched it for months. So I think I'll borrow ME2 from my friend, play through that on my PS3 then purchase ME3 for the PS3 and have my choices carried over. Only because I play my PS3 more and for the multilayer with my friends. Either way though it's ME3, it's going to be awesome, you can't go wrong.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32513d ago

I will continue the legacy where it all started...Xbox 360.

NukaCola2513d ago

And PC.

I get those disagrees I got up there now. Why can't people share?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32513d ago

I don't know why you got your disagrees.

4agemO2513d ago

Trophies? Next you're gonna be thinking you want the PS3 version for the controller. ;p lol

Don't do this to yourself.

JsonHenry2513d ago

I'm playing it on the PC. All of my save games are on the PC and I want to continue my story there. However after watching some of the voice commands it upsets me that they only are gonna add that feature to the kinect.

Which is stupid. Because Raven's Shield on the first xbox allowed you to give voice commands. It isn't like the PS3 or PC can not accept voice commands through a headset. Why limit it only to connect?

Whatever. I'll still play it on the PC. The voice commands would have just been a nice addition to all the platforms.

otherZinc2513d ago

Mass Effect can only be played on the 360 & PC if you want the complete game.

Its ridiculous to even think of playing this series on the PS3 if you are one that "claims" story means so much.

A 15 minute comic for ME1 on PS3 isn't better than 64hours of a complete Mass Effect 1 experience on 360. With saves & achievements that carry over the very second you load the game.

When I loaded Mass Effect 2, I started the game with a Level 8 Shepard (I think it was level 7 or 8 somewhere in there). I'll continue the series on the XBOX platforms.

This is the reason the pre-order numbers are much higher for 360.

Swiggins2512d ago

lol, sweet burn bro.

The only difference is that ME1 and ME2 are pretty connected, whereas Witcher 2 is pretty independent to Witcher 1.

Gonna be getting Witcher 2 and loving the shit outa it.

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