Has the Wii U's Screen Been Upgraded?

GameXplain: "Imagine a console that blurs the lines between the real-world and fantasy. And I don't mean "augmented reality," I mean "included reality." A gaming experience in which physical figures interact with the virtual world. With this week's announcement from Nintendo’s CEO, Satoru Iwata, that the Wii U would have Near Field Communication (or NFC for short) built-in, I believe Nintendo may be pursuing this exact objective. There's only one problem: the Wii U's touchscreen can't support it...yet."

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newsguy2512d ago

NFC? Isn't that some football league?

Fred-G-Sanford2512d ago

The price for these controllers is probably going to be scary.

Colwyn2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

wii u controller could cost 150quid
wii u console could cost 250quid

i dont care what the console and controller cost i just want it to be very powerful. id even ignore the bad controller design if the console could run games similar to bf3 on ultra settings for pc.

there isnt anything really to get excited over when it comes to cutting edge tech of the wii u because nintendo havent shown a thing. most things about the wii u are speculations by the media and fans. a powerful console or devices means a lot and if they didnt mean anything then we still would be satisfied playing on the super nintendo.

ProjectVulcan2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Well most of the insiders seem to agree with the idea it is about twice as powerful as xbox 360 Colwyn.

That is nowhere near the kind of hardware you need to max BF3 in 1080p TBH or run PC games on ultra even factoring in the console gain efficiency. The kind of cards that can do that as a minimum e.g 560Ti or 6950 are 7 or 8 times faster than xbox 360 and PS3.

Still, I am sure if Wii U turns out with the GPU in best case scenario it would run something like Battlefield 3 very nicely at least above what PS3/360 could do.

Fred-G-Sanford2511d ago

My main concern with the Wii U (other than the price) is games.
All the cool tech in the world will not get me to pay anywhere near full price for one unless Nintendo shows a strong commitment right out of the gate that they are focusing just as much (if not more) on the core gamers as they are on the casuals.

I believe Nintendo has heard the cries from their more hardcore fans and will "get it right" with the Wii U, but only time will tell.

I'm sure it is very tempting for them to just take the easy way out and ride the "casual" train for as far as it can take them.

MaxXAttaxX2511d ago

How does this make for better games/gaming??

sikbeta2511d ago


Eh, no one is going to buy a second controller if it cost that much, good thing is you can always use the wii-motes

Also "bf3 on ultra settings for pc" ain't happening soon, Xbox Next maybe but we don't know yet

I totally love the idea of the tablet-controller as a hud/inventory thing for games and obviously games will have better graphics, so bring it on!

hazardman2511d ago

@ Fred G, yeah they could be pricey, but you wont have to worry about getting one unless you break it. I read somewhere you wont be able to use a 2nd one with the Wii U, but then what about local multi player are you gonna be able to use wii like remotes for it?

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Trunkz Jr2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

They already learned with the 3DS that if something is too expensive it won't sell as planned. IMO they seriously need a name change, start with that and I'll show more interest.

Colwyn2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

to be honest, most of us know the wii u will be outdated with shoddy tech.ITS NINTENDO, WII, 3DS,DS, GAMECUBE,N64.

nintendo cuts corners constantly and releases shoddy tech when compared to the likes of sony and microsoft. well sony i should say. the 3ds still uses a rubbish resistive touch screen that requires a stylus, thats insanity in todays world but of for the fanboys.

the n64 came out two years after the ps1 with 64 bit and in comparison (even with ram upgrades to run its proper games))to the ps1 it was still a downgraded competitor. mgs, gt1 and a few others are all examples of the ps1's power over the n64.

the gamecube never showed anything close to god of war, gt3, gt4 mgs2 zoe 1 & 2 and a few others. the best the gamecube had was resident evil 4. the wii sold well but had ps2 tech but because it was 3 times cheaper than a ps3 and 2 times cheaper than a xbox it helped it a lot. the intuitive controls helped but it is shoddy tech which fanboys denied until wii motion plus came out to make it a bit more accurate which is still below the accuracy of ps move.

the 3ds is missing an analog stick which will come in the form of an add on which indicates the system was incomplete from inception. the gamecube used rubbish small cds that couldnt hold as much as dvd9 on ps2. the wii forced most games to use the wiimote which is terrible and not accurate enough. the wii u most likely will use a resistive screen again but we all know that the sreen will never be as good as the screen on an iphone which is years old or the screen on the ps vita.

again, the wii will never be expensive so if the controller will cost over 100quid then the console will be shoddy to keep price down. i cant wait for the ps4 which will be way more powerful. twiddling and fumbling with a bigger controller because you have the potential to access options by clicking the screen isnt innovation, its just another way to do something you can simply do via hot keys with a d-pad.waggling the wiimote in a alot of games to do simple tasks as jump or slash (zelda twilight princess, mario galaxy) isnt innovation but an inconvenience that could have easily be done by one press of a button. i can see the advantage of playing american football games where you can hide plays from friends but i see the controller as an unnecessary expenditure which could have been allocated to better performing parts in the console itself.

i remember a quote from kaz hirai" we could have released a ps2.5 and sell it for cheap but then we wouldnt be sony because sony is about cutting edge technology"

Next gen doesnt start until the Ps4 is here

Yodagamer2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

um the n64 and gamecube had way better graphics then the ps1 and ps2, the only reason why god of war had good graphics was because it had a rail shooter type camera so they could program what was in scene that game would have never been able to be made with a full controllable camera (and even with the fixed camera it had screen tearing like crazy)

Ness-Psi2511d ago

the gamecube was more powerful than the ps2 at the time they just didnt have the third party support like sony. graphically resident evil zero and 1 remake was better than most on ps2.

bozebo2511d ago

"the only reason why god of war had good graphics was because it had a rail shooter type camera so they could program what was in scene that game would have never been able to be made with a full controllable camera"

That is more to do with disk space and development time than rendering capabilities (aka "graphics")

Baka-akaB2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

"the only reason why god of war had good graphics was because it had a rail shooter type camera so they could program what was in scene that game would have never been able to be made with a full controllable camera"

What ?

First of all i'll agree that nintendo consoles of the past were always more powerful (and always coming later anyway so they better had to ...

But the rest of your post doesnt make much sense . Especially with a few great looking titles from sony and otherwise that werent on rails (remember jak and daxter ?)

Yodagamer2511d ago

@baka, she used god of war as an example so i simply said that game specifically, but don't get me wrong jak and daxter is a great looking game but god of war simply looks better imo and that was because of the onrail camera

THESONYPS32511d ago

Agreed PS4 will hopefully be the most powerful again.

SpitTake2511d ago

You know both the ps1 and ps2 were the weakest consoles of their generation. The reason they still used the resistive touch screen was because it more accurate and cheaper than a capcative touch screen.

sikbeta2511d ago


RE0 and REmake were excellent games but everything was pre-rendered, so the real graphics came from the modeling of the characters and such not for the places all was in-game rendered pictures

And no doubt the GC was more powerful than the PS2, just compare RE4 on both consoles, the PS2 version has pale plastic-like skin on every character while the GC version looks way better...

rexbolt2511d ago

What in the hell are you talking about? first of all metroid prime looked better then god of war. almost all games on 64 looked better then ps1 h zelda oot to donky kong to mario. and again twilight princess and windwaker looked far better then god of war and lets not forget crystal cronicals and Mario galaxy? really? i want u to look at these games and tell me wut looks better i ean really and play them and see the scale of them why do u have ore bubbles then me i have no idia

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OpenGL2511d ago

Well, it is the National Football Conference, the half of the NFL that has teams like the New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, etc but in this case they're talking about Near Field Communication.

Also NFC isn't a feature of the touch screen. A screen upgrade would definitely be welcome though because resistive touch screens are absolutely horrible.

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zireno2511d ago

I'm sorry but I feel that it would be just a gimmick that would get old and impractical in time, I personally would hate having to build my kart with real pieces and then scan it, if I want to build something I buy Lego. If they decide to implement something like this, I just hope that they don't force it like a mandatory thing to do, if it's just an option then I have no problem because I probably won't use it... ever.

CaptainN2512d ago

Very good ideas indeed....many possibilities with this technology.

wingman32x2512d ago

Man, the WiiU is looking better and better. Nintendo isn't screwing around this time, it seems. They're even considering a name change. Bring back the revolution name.

Lyle912511d ago

I like "Super Wii" personally.

-Alpha2512d ago

As good as things like this sound, they almost always get squandered, so I'll hope for the best but wont expect much at all.

wingman32x2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

I agree. I can easily see it getting too gimmicky and/or Nintendo using the tech on titles that don't really benefit from it.

From a technical standpoint, I think that if Nintendo decides to implement this tech, it would work. Rather, they wouldn't put something like this in there if it didn't function.

The main concern I have is about implementation. Will this tech co-exist with what they want to do with games, or will it be an extra bullet point?

PopRocks3592512d ago

There's a chance they're doing 3rd party partnerships to aid other parties to become more used to their tech. That's always been an issue in the past.

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