Six Things the 3DS Needs to Deliver to Become as Great as the Original DS

The 3DS may never quite match up to the DS, but delivering the following six things will get it as close as it possibly can…

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MattyF2461d ago

I agree with the adventure games. They need some that make good use of the 3D screen and take advantage of the 3DS' capabilities like 999 & Hotel Dusk did for DS.

ronin4life2461d ago

Pheonix wright x Layton is shaping up to be a pretty awesome game.
It features 3d character models that look like drawings: Meaning that the world has depth in 3d but looks like a flat cartoon with 3d off.

Soldierone2461d ago

I think Nintendo as a whole just needs a new approach all together. With phones being a number one competitor (currently), they need to draw in the actual gamers again.

They already have a few gems, they just need more. Like above, make more games that show off the 3D capabilities, since cell phone makers kinda already jumped out of that idea without giving it a chance.

Also a good point is looking at what Monster Hunter did. ONE game everyone wanted releases and their sales skyrocket.

Stealth2k2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

phones arent even a minor competitor, they are nothing in terms of what nintendo is thinking about

"a few games" ? more games than the ds had at the same point

Now about this article

RPG usually come about 2-3 years in

The 3ds has more rpgs in the first year than the ds had. About 5 more.

Thats pretty damn good for a first year

fire emblem
beyond the labrynth
bravely default
dq monsters remake
kingdom hearts
paper mario

TO START fiscal year 2012. That isnt even everything

It isnt barren its normal

fabod862461d ago

just continue on the DS way :)

wingman32x2461d ago

The RPG's need to show up again at some point. Say what you will about shovelware, but there was a respectable RPG lineup for the DS as well.

Continue with the Visual Novels. With the DS, Nintendo helped Popularize visual novels outside of Japan. The Ace Attorney series was a hit that no one saw coming. People really bought into that style of game, and it became a mini genre on the DS. It created some of the most unique experiences on the system.

Bring 3 more Nintendo exclusive Castlevania games. I really liked the first 3 on the DS, and I want to see that continue.

Those are the major things I would want.

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