BD Outsells HD-DVD in this week's Neilsons 76:24

This week the ratio was over 3:1 in terms of disc sales.
BD commanded the top 10 with 8 movies while hd-dvd had 2.

HD-DVD delivered 0 warner bros titles in the top 10 while Blu-Ray delivered on 300.

BluRay's top movie outsold HD-DVD's top movie by 8:1

Numbers after the link

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gamesblow3779d ago

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooo ooooooooooooooooooooom!!

marinelife93778d ago

Besides this week's Harry Potter and Bourne numbers coming up next week what else that is big does HD-DVD have? They have no more big titles announced all the way through May.

judd3779d ago

So much for the slight improvement HD-DVD had when it was STILL OUTSOLD 58:42 and HD-DVD was considering that a minor victory.

76% is huge and Warner Bros. should take notice. It should be interesting seeing how well Harry Potter does this week between the two.

cuco333779d ago

This was supposed to be all blu week regardless. POTC3 release along with others was much better list than what red had. Following week should be blu again, although I'm not quite sure it'll be as large. Then the following is what we want to know... Bourne 3 HD DVD. Is this red's first week win all year? I think so!

but I wouldn't doubt it'll be close. Those in the know are holding off on the buy to get it next week since Best Buy is having a BOGO sale. BTW the BOGO is also for Blu-ray too.

ruibing3775d ago

There was just a BOGO promotion on Amazon for both formats.

Maddens Raiders3779d ago

How is this news; I thought BD already won the war?

ravinash3779d ago

it would make everyones life easier if it had.

Jack Bauer3779d ago

if bluray already won, then we wouldnt see those poop cases, i mean HDDVD cases in stores anymore

Bluray FTW tho!!

Lightning Mr Bubbles3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )


Go blu!!!!

Come on guys? If selling players for $99 results in this, what makes you think HD DVD is gonna win?

Anyway, 360 fanboys don't give a rats ass about HD DVD. They just don't want Blu ray to take over.

Cries for Digital Distribution to follow no doubt.

SmokeyMcBear3779d ago

dude shut up and go away, you already sold your ps3 to get a 360, i hope your 360 can play blurays

Lightning Mr Bubbles3779d ago

But I'm not a fanboy anymore. I still think Blu ray is the better format.

sonarus3779d ago

Its all a matter of preference xbox 360 has so many more games especially so many more AAA games however the real games i wanna play are on ps3. There is no xbox 360 game i really wanna play nxt yr except for banjo all the others i can easily do without. I don't really care for killzone 2 or most of the other games. Jst give me my MGS4, FF13 and GT5 and am good to go for a yr at least

XxZxX3779d ago

blu won because lightning sold his PS3. Thank god he did. Thank god

cmrbe3779d ago

I respect you decision to sell your PS3 but if you want to play MGS4,FF and GT5 you either borrow a friends PS3 or buy a new one when these games come out.Smokey no need to be harsh man.

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Fan Tastic3779d ago

maybe next time you'll put out a decent product that isn't so short-sited.

Don't by a slight bump over DVD with HD DVD, take the evolutional leap and go Blu-ray.

chfthnder263778d ago

how can you say its short sided when bluray cant even put regular dvds on the same disc think about it if hd dvd can put two different formats and a crapload of features only using 30 gigs y cant bluray do it with 50 gigs

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