Top 5 Female Characters That Need A Return

PushStartSelect: "I find stories with a female lead fascinating most of the time because it’s a good twist on your stereotypical story revolving around a guy character. A lot of key dynamics change, and emotions are brought about for various reasons. This isn’t to say they are weaker or anything like that, but different and its cool. So here are five female lead games that I think should see a return in some shape or form soon!"

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PamPoovey2516d ago

Definitely Nariko...but if you've finished HS you know why this is a problem


I think Nariko can be brought back to life thanks to the type of Universe the game takes place in.

I mean it's not like Anna Torv is doing much, the main thing she does is FRINGE...which I'm praying dosen't get cancelled

MaxXAttaxX2516d ago

Need a good Metroid game.

da_2pacalypse2515d ago

Heavenly sword was good, However too short. If they're going to make a sequel, they need to make sure the length is much longer.

barom2515d ago

Personally I thought Kai was a much more interesting character than Nariko.

PamPoovey2515d ago

Meh....she was annoying as hell

Ok in small doses but when playing as her it was too much

Greyfoxdbz2515d ago

Im definitely Wet for Rubi

thats_just_prime2515d ago

Nice list however I really want to see Kameo return. She might not be very interesting from a personality standpoint but the game was fun

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jacksonmichael2516d ago

Jade, definitely. I would also say Bayonetta, even if she ends up playing second fiddle to Jeanne or something like that.

Relientk772516d ago

Good list, I agree with all 5 actually

kma2k2516d ago

I have played well over 150 games this gen & for some reason it only happens when i play wet but that game gives me a massive headache, i think it has something to do with the grain fileter they use. Ive finished it but i just can play it any more.

Tsalagi2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

You can turn the grain filter off. Look around in the Options.

kma2k2515d ago

honestly never looked, wish i had. Thank you for the heads up!

ScytheX32516d ago

Bayonetta, Alex Vance anyone of the 3 Valkyrie from Valkyrie Profile

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The story is too old to be commented.