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Top 5 Female Characters That Need A Return

PushStartSelect: "I find stories with a female lead fascinating most of the time because it’s a good twist on your stereotypical story revolving around a guy character. A lot of key dynamics change, and emotions are brought about for various reasons. This isn’t to say they are weaker or anything like that, but different and its cool. So here are five female lead games that I think should see a return in some shape or form soon!" (Beyond Good & Evil 2, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Heavenly Sword, PC, Primal, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, WET, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

PamPoovey  +   965d ago
Definitely Nariko...but if you've finished HS you know why this is a problem


I think Nariko can be brought back to life thanks to the type of Universe the game takes place in.

I mean it's not like Anna Torv is doing much, the main thing she does is FRINGE...which I'm praying dosen't get cancelled
MaxXAttaxX  +   964d ago
Need a good Metroid game.
da_2pacalypse  +   964d ago
Heavenly sword was good, However too short. If they're going to make a sequel, they need to make sure the length is much longer.
barom  +   964d ago
Personally I thought Kai was a much more interesting character than Nariko.
PamPoovey  +   964d ago
Meh....she was annoying as hell

Ok in small doses but when playing as her it was too much
Greyfoxdbz  +   964d ago
Im definitely Wet for Rubi
thats_just_prime  +   964d ago
Nice list however I really want to see Kameo return. She might not be very interesting from a personality standpoint but the game was fun
jacksonmichael  +   965d ago
Jade, definitely. I would also say Bayonetta, even if she ends up playing second fiddle to Jeanne or something like that.
Relientk77  +   965d ago
Good list, I agree with all 5 actually
kma2k  +   965d ago
I have played well over 150 games this gen & for some reason it only happens when i play wet but that game gives me a massive headache, i think it has something to do with the grain fileter they use. Ive finished it but i just can play it any more.
Tsalagi  +   964d ago
You can turn the grain filter off. Look around in the Options.
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kma2k  +   964d ago
honestly never looked, wish i had. Thank you for the heads up!
ScytheX3  +   965d ago
Bayonetta, Alex Vance anyone of the 3 Valkyrie from Valkyrie Profile
dorron  +   964d ago
Nariko, Bayonetta and...The Boss!!!
hazelamy  +   964d ago
i'd love to see Jade return in a BG&E sequel.
Venox2008  +   964d ago
absolutely! jade ftw.. samus also
Rasta-blast  +   964d ago
I miss Cate Archer from the No One Lives Forever series: if anything needed a modern update...
Wanna buy a monkey?
gaminoz  +   964d ago
You are on the money!!!! Totally agree with you!

Irreverant spy fun is much needed right now and a new Cate Archer adventure would see me part with cash for sure!
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Droid Control  +   964d ago
April Ryan - love that character!
Love the Longest Journey.
MagicAccent  +   964d ago
The longest journey is one of my favourite point and clicks. They really need to bring that series back!
pandaboy  +   964d ago
My favourite series after MGS. I love Dreamfall too. Bring back Zoe Castillo!
StifflerK  +   964d ago
Me too , Ragnar Tornquist says TLJ 3 will happen - after he finishes his work on The Secret World.

He said on his website that we should have some solid info on the new game this year.

tiffac008  +   964d ago
I would love to see Regina from Dino Crisis, Ellen from Folklore and Hana from Fear Effect again as well.

@ScytheX3 (above)

Hrist needs her own Valkyrie Profile title. :)
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segamon  +   964d ago
good list. both Primal and The Longest Journey were great games now forgotten, they should return.
L30N4KU  +   964d ago
Where's Joanna Dark?
Vortex3D  +   964d ago
The Longest Journey and Dreamfall were the last great adventure games made. I didn't call "action adventure" because a well written and designed adventure games don't need a gun or weapon to kill every enemy on the way. The graphics may not be great but decent. I still have Dreamfall on Xbox version and when I replay it, I quickly forget about the graphics because of great storytelling. Dreamfall ended with unknown fate if April if she died trying to save Zoe and Zoe ended in comma.

When I play very popular action adventure games like Uncharted, I keep thinking something is wrong with Drake. He must kill every enemy. It's like adventure game developers nowadays have no idea how to solve anything other than use a bullet. Once in a while, there's a puzzle but overly simplified that you don't need to do real thinking to solve it. Here's an interesting question. If Uncharted has no action and no shooting. Will Uncharted be as popular anymore?
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Soldierone  +   964d ago
To be honest i don't think it will be. I mean look at games that take guns away and instead put swords or something, even those take a massive hit. If you give your character a gun and put emphasis on other mechanics instead (like problem solving, or sneaking) and make it so if you shoot at everything you will run out of ammo, then reviews will say the game is broken or too hard.

Personally I think once the game industry takes a hit in sales then we will see the return of stories and better mechanics, until then these games will suffer greatly. No I don't wish bad things upon the industry.

The Longest Journey is honestly one of the most fascinating games I've played and I've been craving an experience like that for a LONG time and get bored of a lot of games because they don't offer it. It's like an addiction lol

I love uncharted, but can't help but feel that you are right. Without the gun it loses a lot more than it should.
Vortex3D  +   964d ago
The problem with Uncharted and having guns is that's all it is. When there are enemies, Drake has one solution, shoot and kill them all. And is all Drake can do for the entire game whenever there are enemies. I'm not trying to pick on Uncharted but most action adventure games today are all about kill all your enemies that blocks your way.

In traditional adventure games, if there are enemies, the game can provide different methods to get around them. Guns are not always the solution. But too many gamers today seem to think so.
tigertron  +   964d ago
This list is a joke without Faith from Mirror's Edge.
Soldierone  +   964d ago
We actually listed it as an honorable mention near the end to listen to what everyone else had to say about the game. We had to narrow it down to 5 and it just simply didn't make the cut, but we would love to see more of it!
tigertron  +   963d ago
I know, but she should have been in the top 5! :P
VDub2174  +   964d ago
Aya Brea!!!!! I would love to see another Parasite Eve game for either the PS3 or PS Vita.
FalconR289  +   964d ago
I'd like to see Hana from Fear Effect make a return.
Pikajew  +   964d ago
I never played WET because Yahtzee said it was stupid.
Fullbucket  +   964d ago
Primal was an amazing game. I wish they had made another =/

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