Burnout: Comparison PS3/Xbox 360

This is the third comparison from Gamersyde.

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pandabear3724d ago

These are pointless.

I'm a proud PS3 owner but see no difference in both. Slight shading differences but that could just be the TV settings - ask me they both look good!!!

Played it last night and liked it alot!!

rbanke3724d ago

I agree. If not for the line in the middle and the slight differences in movements on each side, I would think it was one video.

robep33724d ago

Hi I am a PS3 user not a fanboy both looked great the only thing i spotted 360 version took longer to crush car against wall thats all but
wouldn't say that would effect game play Lol I am sticking up for the 360
you xbots take a lesson from this LOL.


Kleptic3724d ago

ha yeah...agreed...I didn't see any slowdown in either except for the intentional slowdown of the wreck...

I too noticed that the 360 version either crumpled less in the wreck, or did it much slower...but that is most likely because of two different wrecks and they were not perfectly synced with each other...

either way its a great demo...and the game is shaping up to be awesome...I drove around for 2 hours last night just wrecking into people online...brought back fond memories of destruction derby 2 for the PS1 (the first one was slow and shatty...2 was pretty fun though)

gamesR4fun3724d ago

Looks good on both systems lets hope it proves to be solid eh.

TheXgamerLive3724d ago

But, throughout the demo at times both were shiny, but that doesn't really matter but in details, the Xbox 360 version showed much greater details as in the road for example, BUT!! That's only at times, all in all there pretty much twins and everyone should be happy.

What about frame rates though? Usually the ps3 suffers there, did devs. work through that this time? Hope so:)

Shankle3724d ago

They look exactly the same, I couldn't see any difference at all in them. If i showed you two tvs running this game on the two consoles, there's no way you'd be able to tell which one is which. They are completely identical.

RoboChamp3724d ago

The light source is coming from the right side, so of course there will be more detail/sheen on that side of the road...

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RadientFlux3724d ago

Um maybe it's just me but I didn't see any slowdown in that video and haven't seen any slowdown when I've played the demo.

Mungo Jerry3724d ago

I did not see any either. Some on the neogaf forums reported some slowdowns, but you can't really trust people. Could also be accidental slowdowns. Just glad both versions look the same and ,I think run the same, at last.

THAMMER13724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Look at the 26 sec. mark the 360 version of this video is much more detailed and bright. Also as the cityscape flies by I noticed just a little bit of stuttering from the PS3 version. The backgrounds are also much more crisp on the 360 version as well.

I think a small group of fans have just blown their whistles prematurely. Over all they both look good.

actas1233724d ago

Actually from the video, yes it is.. but it doesn't matter because its not that big of a deal..

Lex_Yayo_4073724d ago

The game was specifically made for the PS3 not for the 360. They actually both looked good because I dowloaded it on both systems, but all I know is that when you go online and you play with other people on PS3 and you crash into them or they crashed into you, you can take a mugshot of your face and they will see it. Thats whats good about the PS3 version

razer3724d ago

@3.2 - You can do the same thing on the 360 version if you have the Vision Camera connected, otherwise it will just use your gamerpic.

I've seen no differences in graphics/performance from either the PS3 or 360 version in the comparisons I've done. It plays great on both.

Hugh Hefner3724d ago

"... and you crash into them or they crashed into you, you can take a mugshot of your face and they will see it. " ----> I believe this feature is in the 360 version as well.

Overall good example of a multiplat game, I hope every game that is multiplatform performs and looks equally on both sides

RoboChamp3724d ago

The light source is coming from the right side, so of course there will be more detail/sheen on that side of the road...

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gamesblow3724d ago

The game was terrible... No driver in the cars made it feel like they were remote controlled... The game has jaggies everywhere and still doesn't eclispe Motorstorm "a Ps3 launch game" in terms of visuals.

I see no difference, by the way... Maybe the ps3 has a bit more color saturation and that makes it a little bit more vibrant but that's about it.

cervantes993724d ago

You must not be viewing on a 1080p TV then???

Game looks FANTASTIC on my set. No jaggies, no slowdown. Everything is crisp and clean.

I do agree about the driver though - viewing a wreck with no driver seems like a detail they should have added. It would be cool if during wrecks the driver was launched from the vehicle :)

BIoodmask3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

The reason why you don't see any slowdown is bc there isn't any. The title of this video is a complete fabrication by a desperate Sony fanboy.

So caught up in his struggle to claim PS3 superiority that he would do anything. I could see changing the title if it still had something to do with the story, but there is no mention of slowdown in the video.

Use the link to the original story.

The tile clearly states..."Burnout Paradise Comparison by Dot50cal #2"

I have approved it regardless bc I do not care if negative type stories get posted about the 360. Can the same be said when the shoe is on the other foot?

RadientFlux3724d ago

it's a shame... because the video comparison is definitly well done and people just want to ruin it with their fanboy comments

harpua3724d ago

if anyone knows about fabricating titles, it would be you bloodmask. your the resident expert.

actas1233724d ago

Well, I thought there was a slowdown on the 360 side when the car crashed...

titntin3724d ago

@ bloodmask - your pretty good at your selective reading aren't you? I'd of thought you might have at least checked before accusing some of lack of objectivity, but obviously not

Rather than the submitter making up his comment on slowdown its written in black and white on the sites front page - the page that links to the video:

'Update 2: Third and last video, again by Dot50cal, showing some slight slowdowns with the 360 version.'

thats a direct quote from the site, not a fabrication. I find it hard to see in the vid myself, but as I've posted elsewhere, I can see it at home on the machines. Not enough that it would trouble me, but its undeniably there.

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