What Happened to Old School Gaming?

The old school of gaming, when you would invite your friend over to play some Super NES and kick his or her butt in Mario Kart or go on a long journey of The Lost Vikings, or Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. These are all classic games that most older gamers remember but what I miss was having that moment with a friend were both of you are like 'Whoa.' What happened to that and is it making a comeback?

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MrGunny942461d ago

I ask the same thing to myself my friend.... Times changes... audience changes...

That's my guess... What would i do for a Doom 1 or a Goldeneye (True Remake in HD...)

I want to see Gaming going back to it's roots.. where it was about the players and the franchise.

Bleucrunch2461d ago

YES YES YES I couldn't have said it better myself...but it is all about money now which means quantity over quality...It wont get any better In my opinion...with these publishers nowadays...they have lost their minds.

PoopDaddy2461d ago

"What Happened to Old School Gaming?"

What happened to manual turning dialed phones?...

darthv722461d ago

When my good friend got the Genesis when it came out. I went to his house and we played altered beast for the first time. It was fun as if fun could ever be stated. I was jealous and went and got my own genesis and we started swapping games back and forth.

Super thunderblade, last battle, castle of illusion...just real games meant to instill fun and enjoyment when playing. Now it is way more commercialized. Trading fun for obsession to be the best at taking sniper shots at the other guy. Who isnt even in the same room to gloat at when you shoot him.

Games have evolved into more than just the simple entertainment/time wasters they once were. Part of me likes to rethink the past and what was but the other part of me is anxious at what changes lie ahead in this industry.

MrGunny942461d ago

Indeed,all hope now is left on Indie develeopers :)

h311rais3r2461d ago

Cod happened to old school gaming...

Drazz2461d ago

"What happend to old school gaming"
It got old?