Skyrim – Video Guide To Unlocking Your Inner Badass (And The Oblivion Walker Achievement) - TESV: Skyrim landed, nay, impacted on the scene back in November and the reverberations are still being felt throughout. A quick glance at my list of virtual friends tells me no less than two would-be adventurers are playing it at any one time. Contained within is a series of video walkthroughs designed to net you over a dozen fantastical daedric artifacts and once you've collected said mystical relics you will be the proud recipient of the "Oblivion Walker" Achievement/Trophy; a staple for any collector of virtual milestones. Hopefully you enjoy and find these walkthroughs helpful; I personally love these quests because they're the quintessential reason I enjoy this genre - to travel to distant lands, meet unfathomably powerful entities and take their l00tz

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IAmNotAMonster2487d ago

The video embedded player is kind of crap. I'd check it out on the sites youtube channel. There's quest specific information in the description as well.

Derekvinyard132487d ago

this is bs. im sick of watching these cool skyrim videos when i payed 60$ and waiting for a patch so my game will actually work on ps3. BUGthesda

IAmNotAMonster2487d ago

Haha. I agree man - based on your console it was a different experience. "The patch" is coming though dude; have faith!

lashes2ashes2487d ago

You can still play it you just choose not to. I platinumed it. Crashes slow down and all.

Derekvinyard132487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

@ lashes.
I CHOOSE not to play it because it is U-N-P-L-A-Y-A-B-L-E platinum it when its like the video no joke il give you 1000 bucks on paypal if you post a video of it.

zeal0us2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

This video below will show you how to really unlock your inner badass

The Oblivion Walker really wasn't hard for me to get.