Why I’m not interested in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII is the worst title in the franchise's history. So why is Square Enix making a sequel that even hardcore fans haven't asked for?

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Ranma12488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Neither am i. I want this game to fail, so that SE make FF turnbased again.

I want the same battle system as FF1-10 when FF used to be great, go back to your roots: story, gameplay, music, characters, mini games, hard secret bosses,........, graphics.

Not the other way round.

pat_11_52488d ago

Final Fantasy XIII just turned me off the franchise. I don't think I can ever trust Square Enix again. Their name used to stand for quality, now it really doesn't mean much.

pangitkqb2488d ago

I'm not interested either. I feel that SE's quest to modernize the formula is moving in the wrong direction. But that is just me.

KeybladeMaster2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I played Final Fantasy XIII. All the way to the end. It was in my opinion the worst Final Fantasy or JRPG I have ever played ( and this is someone who has been playing Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy VI). It just wasn't a good game. They need to let someone else direct main series Final Fantasy (preferably Tabata or Nomura) and go from there. Toriyama has done nothing but bad Final Fantasy games and Square needs to do something about it.

Idonthatejustcreate2488d ago

The thing I don't understand is, why force people in to the new class changing battle thing in real time.

When past FF games have had an option for both real time and turn based combat?

Why can't they implement a "old school" combat scheme which is turn based, you can only change class before combat and 7-8 party members that you can choose from. The new class change shit that they have now is mandatory and that pisses me off.

GraveLord2488d ago

Not surprised you're the first comment.

Troll much?

Outside_ofthe_Box2488d ago

How is he trolling?

Does he not have the right to say he wants the game to fail?

trenso12488d ago

A troll, calling another a troll lol. Ironic

Cocozero2488d ago

Lots of positive reviews so far, I can't wait.

Infernostew2488d ago

Seems like a mixed bag. It's either love it or hate it.

MrGunny942488d ago

I'm not a fan or a player or FF, but my friends Die hard fans of the FF series, say that that games like XIII and XIII-2 are not games that they take into account that are "true" FF games!

But it appears that most of the fans are pissed off with Square Enix... and making this a XIII-2 is a bad move from Square Enix in fact...

xhedleyx2488d ago

I don't know why they just didn't make a brand new title. FF XIII has such a bad rep, even hardcore fans hated the game.

Why make another title associated with it? It just doesn't make sense.

newflesh2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

That's the real problem with FF13, you just said it. It's the die hard fans who hated it, while most casual gamers liked it because of its more streamlined gameplay and pretty gfx. And casual make up for majority of course. That's why FF13 is actually the best selling title in the series. And for Square Enix it's the sales that really matters. So there you have your FF13-2. I'll not be that surprised if they announce FF13-3 soon.

pat_11_52488d ago

Isn't it the best selling in the series because it was the first multiplatform day one release?

Although I highly doubt it actually is the best selling in the series. Maybe the fastest selling? I'd believe that.

sirdrake2488d ago

no one cares why you aren't interested.

InLaLaLand2488d ago

Looks more cheesy and generic than FF XIII and that game was cheesy too. O MA GOODNESS.

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