GATT: Flatout 3 Has GamerX Flatout Angry

Gatt - GamerX:Well if you’ve been with us long enough here at you would know that I, GamerX, am not much of a racing game fan. I do enjoy some racing games such as Dirt 3 which I am currently playing as a “for fun” game since I got a free coupon with an SSD purchase, but mostly I dislike them. Why? I just never was a big racing game fan. I found them all very visually stimulating and all, however I really suck when it comes to hand braking. Thus when the racer with hand braking was invented, I stopped playing them period. Enter Flatout 3 from Strategy First and Team 6 Studios – a game that was on my docket for review. Since I am not bias when it comes to game genres I gave it my best shot. In short, ouch?

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