Preview: DiRT Showdown [MonsterVine]

MonsterVine: In terms of tone, atmosphere, play style type of experience you can get from it, it’s more related to the action sports element.

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Kyll2484d ago

Mmm, I've been a big DiRT fan, but I'll wait for the final reviews

Fred-G-Sanford2484d ago

Dirt 3 was a big disappointment for me.

Codemasters clearly listened to all 27 of the Rally fans that were crying about the lack of it in Dirt 2 and gave us a steaming pile of it in Dirt 3.

If Dirt 4 continues to push the Rally crap down people's throats I will simply give up on the series and spend my money on something else.

dirthurts2484d ago

You do realize that Dirt is Rally franchise right?
Colin McRae would be disgusted with your comments.

Fred-G-Sanford2484d ago

Dirt was a Rally franchise, then it wasn't, now it is again.
I like it better when it isn't.

I'm sure Colin McRae would be more upset with his name being completely removed from the Dirt games than he would by me not liking Rally racing.

I'm guessing that Codemasters decided to remove his name from the game's title once they realized that only a handful of people even know who he is, let alone give a crap whether his name is linked with their games.