Planet Xbox 360 gives us a tantalising glimpse of the new Hitman.

After a long sabatical, agent 47 is set to return later this year. And he's back with a bang. Or not...

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MrGunny942433d ago

CANNOT WAIT! I love Hitman, can't wait to see the finished product from IO Interactive! Keep up the amazing job

Hope it comes smooth and amazing like any other Hitman Game

In IO interactive we TRUST!

Derekvinyard132432d ago

dude i love IO and hitman just as much as the next person but they cannot be forgiven for kane and lynch 2. im am going to give them some credit for number one because new ip takes risk from a company. but dont continue what people hate ya know

Valenka2433d ago

No new information here. What a waste.

MidnightSpecial2432d ago (Edited 2432d ago )

A waste of what? Just because it isn't new to you doesn't mean that it won't be new to other people. I thought the spirit here was to share..

shaun mcwayne2432d ago

i picked up blood money for six quid so i can get back into it before release.