1up: Why Final Fantasy IV Remains a Masterpiece After All These Years

Final Fantasy IV has become so ubiquitous, so overly repackaged, so frequently and redundantly remade, that it can be difficult for one to put the game in its proper perspective and remember exactly how big a deal it was 20 years ago. The fourth chapter in the Final Fantasy series was a significant departure from its predecessors -- not to mention the greater role-playing genre as it existed in 1991 -- and not simply because it leapt ahead to the powerful Super NES. FFIV wasn't as much as game of firsts as it's sometimes treated in glowing retrospectives, but that shouldn't be seen as a lack of innovation.

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Snookies122517d ago

They should do FFVI instead of repeatedly redoing FFIV... IV is a fantastic game, but come on already Square... :\

HarvesterOSarow2517d ago

I agree. I think IV is probably my favorite, but VI is amazing. It's shocking to see how big the gap is between the two sometimes. The characters and charm are really what makes IV essentially the first Final Fantasy to play in the franchise. IMO it was the first package that was "complete" because all of it's predecessors were lacking something. Not that they're bad, but IV is just mind blowing.

ShaunCameron2515d ago

That was the first, last and only RPG I ever played. My memorable moment was beating the giant wall with just Kain still alive by constantly selecting the "Jump" command and luckily the giant wall not attacking me. Too bad my brother erased all the memory data before I got a chance to beat it. I was at the final stretch of the game. I eventually did beat it when I played the SNES emulator version on Christmas Eve 2009.