Friday Top Five: Games for Parties

"Parties are one of the oldest institutions of humankind, from the time fire was discovered to the latest significant party somebody everyone cares about attended. Perhaps something involving Tony Stark. Whether pre-historic or in fantasy land, parties always need something fun going on. Gaming, as it so happens, is pretty darn fun. However, recently the retail video game industry has decided partying with people within smelling distance means no gaming, and we here at XBLA Fans think that’s mighty stinky of them. In light of that, we’ve made this week’s Friday Top Five about XBLA games that dominate parties in one way or another."

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cain1412461d ago

I love Fruit Ninja Kinect!

Kramerica132461d ago

Castle Crashers is so much fun with a group of four, and Doritos Crash Course is surprisingly entertaining.

Emessai2461d ago

It's one of those games that's inevitably hilarious, even if none of the fun being had has anything to do with actually playing the game.

smmelton2461d ago

Raskulls is a totally underrated game. If more people had it I'd play it a lot more often. All my gaming friends are stingy, though, so I don't get much in the way of online XBLA.