Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition - New Opening Cinematic For Xbox 360

CD Projekt Red revealed last year that the Witcher 2 would be coming to Xbox 360. Today they showed, for the first time, gameplay of the game running on an Xbox 360. Still looking beautiful, the 360 version is labeled the 'Enhanced Edition', which is loaded with new gameplay content and some never before seen cinematic cut scenes. One of which can be viewed below. You can get the full details on what's new in the 360 version after the link.

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josephayal2311d ago

Cant wait for the WII U Version dam this game looks fantastic

Bluemaster772311d ago

There is no Wii U version -___-

4agemO2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Can't wait for the PS3 version!

PixL2311d ago

This was made by a studio which was nominated for the Oscar in the animated feature category so no wonder it's great.

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