Who should be blamed for the lack of exclusive SF X Tekken characters on Xbox 360

Last night, Capcom usa announced that Mega-man and Pac-man are going to join Toro, Kuro, and Cole as sony exclusive characters for Street Fighter x Tekken. Minutes later, the official Capcom forums where swarmed by angry fans blaming Capcom for not caring for the xbox 360 fan base. But who should be really blamed for such move?

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Dragun6192516d ago

Exactly, Ono already stated that they approached both Sony & ms. Sony paid for the development of their guest characters, like cole, toro & kuro. Though I'm not sure about pacman or megaman as to why their exclusive but it possible that sony paid for them too or Capcom is trying to push the vita version, then release them later as free dlc. While on Ms side, Ono stated they wanted to get master cheif or marcus fenix, but It's been overall difficult for them hence no xbox exclusive characters. Same thing happened with mortal kombat.


Persistantthug2516d ago

There's going to be alot of disappointed people.

MrGunny942517d ago

The excuse for this by the developers was " The characters of Xbox360 franchises could not suit in the game due to their actions and playstyle"

Mainly because of Master Chief and Marcus Fenix use the gun and etc.. and this would be hard to balance in the game

jonboi242516d ago

Ummmm doesn't "Mega Man" use a gun?

Why o why2516d ago

yeah, but he's short....*shrugs* ;)

IF ms didnt want to pay they didnt want to pay. Ive a sneaking suspicion they would pay for something that involed kinect intergration though

dedicatedtogamers2517d ago

First of all, what sort of yahoo plays fighting games on a 360?

Second of all, hardcore 360 gamers should just get used to the shaft. Microsoft is long done with the days of paying for exclusive games/content. They're focused on Kinect now.

BrutallyBlunt2517d ago

What sort of yahoo continues to troll articles that hold no interest to them? That's something dedicatedtogamers is unable to answer.

dedicatedtogamers2517d ago

Why are you stalking me?

Tally-ho! With such a big internet to defend, you shouldn't hang out in one place too long. Get a move on.

BrutallyBlunt2517d ago

What's the matter, still unable to refute what I say?

Megaman_nerd2516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Most people play their fighting games on the PS3 (they always sell more on PS3) but ironically all the US's pro players only play on Xbox. Jwong, Nerdjosh, Combofiend, Viscant, Alex Valle, Filipino Champ, Marlinepie, etc.

Around a month ago I asked in a chat why they don't play on PSN and Clockw0rk came I said that the PS3 was trash. With this in mind I can assume that every PS3 exclusive character will be banned from tournaments since they all only own and practice on Xbox. =/

jonboi242516d ago

Yet EVO the biggest fighting game tournament on the planet primarily uses PS3? THough most of them are donations by Sony.....

Tito082516d ago (Edited 2516d ago )

Well, I could careless if those guys are tournament players, & I know there are pro players out there that doesn't care about tournaments & will definitely beat them, it's not like they're athletes or anything of that sort!!!!

I think that "PS3 is trash" argument by Clockw0rk is irrelevant since both PS3 & 360 aren't that different when it comes to online multiplayer, even my best friend who's an Xbox fanboy & I beat his ass on both consoles, I just happen to play more on PS3, especially 3rd Strike... And there's lots of good pro players on PSN that I know could beat those fools any day, any time, but out of those U.S. players, I only like Alex Valle & PR-Rog, I could careless about the rest!!!!

iamgoatman2516d ago

"First of all, what sort of yahoo plays fighting games on a 360?"

Uhh not sure what difference that makes, anyone who was serious about fighting games wouldn't be using the consoles default controller anyway.

maniacmayhem2516d ago

What's the difference between the fighting games on 360 and PS3?

Both default controllers are trash and if you're a serious fighting game fan you would have a stick.
Other than that there is no difference in either versions of fighting games.

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Ocean2516d ago

With regards to 360 exclusive characters for this game, What about having a couple from Killer Instinct?

LordStig2516d ago

nah, killer instinct should be it's own game.

Snookies122516d ago

Yes, MAKE A NEW KILLER INSTINCT DAMMIT! Sorry, anger and rage... That game was amazing... *sigh*

Oh wait, that's right, these days games aren't good lol! I kid, I kid... Some are good, some...

jonboi242516d ago

I fear that the way Rare is now, it'll be for Kinnect.....

Gamer19822516d ago

Killer instinct really? Fighters from another fighting game? The problem with 360 is MS have been funding it since day 1 for hardcore gamers and now they don't care about you. They want Kienct to succeed and nothing more. But the fact people moan because of a lack of character? You chose the damn console at the end of the day! Nobody forced you to pick 360 over PS3. Get over yourselves and grow up I say. You cant pick 1 console then cry because the other console has something yours doesn't. If it bothers you that much get both. That's what I did and don't regret it 1 bit.

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