Several "Tomb Raider: Underworld" Screenshots

New in-game Tomb Raider screenshots...enjoy!

Note: I found some more screenshots...I have uploaded them separately as story images...

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gamesblow3629d ago

Completely underwhelming, like tomb Raider games are.

Coffin873628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

oh darling, you have NO idea how big tomb raider games have been back in the days.
tomb raider 1-3 each were like two times as popular as halo.

since the first game i bought for my ps1 was tomb raider 3, i think it's a little sad that tomb raider has kinda lost its momentum.

but nevertheless, i think those shots look pretty nice, esp. the one where you see the outside level with a little aztec pyramid a few meters away.
hope they introduce some new and exciting ideas with this game.

INehalemEXI3629d ago

Next gen wet maps looks good on Lara. Tomb Raider vs Wet next year !

Blademask3629d ago

But HDRI lighting is one of the starting steps of the engine, since it already looks like they have a traditional light setup here...

Lets hope they add it.

360sucks3628d ago

the ps3 will have HDR lighting
360 mite drop down 20fps if they add

Mikey_Gee3628d ago



AngryTypingGuy3628d ago

You should listen to 360sucks. He enjoys the PS3, so he knows a lot about crappy framerates.

felidae3629d ago

looks nice.

but only if you haven't seen Uncharted

Bladestar3629d ago

You Sony fanboys are embarrazing.. stop hating on this game.. it's not like this game is not multiplatform... I hope the make this game exclusive to the xbox 360.. since you Sony fanboy only deserve 1 thing... Uncharted... BOMBA! besides even Tomb Raider will be a waste of resources since it will BOMB on the PS3 in terms of Sells.. but unlike Uncharted Developers... Tomb Raider will be able to make their money back on the xbox 360.

masterg3628d ago

Whats really embarrassing is guys like you making this into a fanboy discussion.

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The story is too old to be commented.