Watch GameFront Play Some Gotham City Impostors

You can get into the Gotham City Imposters open beta on PS3 today, and our video bros James, Mitch and Zac did just that. And, of course, they recorded a video of it. Fortunately, they ended up on different teams in the online shooter, and Mitch got to kill James a lot.

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Grimhammer002489d ago

I played a bit last night. It's potentially really great!
Let's hope it irons out a few of the bugs.

DrFUD2489d ago

I agree it has a ton of potential and I had a blast with it. It just looks so cool I spent half my time just looking around thinking how cool it is hoping I don't get shot while admiring the level. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be priced 10 bucks...anything over that and it's going to have a hard hill to climb over especially being a risky online only purchase without bots.