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Kinect Star Wars Footage Once Again Shows That The Force Isn't Strong

Ian Fisher writes: Outside of some typical hokey material featuring the two hosts of Kinect All Access, a good amount of footage is shown for Kinect Star Wars sans any attempts at immediate humor – at least intentional humor that is. In the past Kinect Star Wars looked a bit rough at E3 2011 and PAX Prime and this time out it simply looks mediocre and depressing. Mass glitches may be absent, but the general gameplay still looks stiff and is far from providing the 1:1 movement gamer’s desire from a lightsaber based Star Wars game. (Kinect Star Wars, Xbox 360)

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Shadonic  +   1280d ago
i didn't see any dancing footage the hosts were kind of annoying and i have to say the artwork in the game improved slightly.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1280d ago
How dare they make this instead of Battlefront 3. What a slap in the face to real Star Wars fans.
sikbeta  +   1280d ago
Anything branded Star Wars sell craploads, they could have made Dance Central SW theme/skin and those SW followers would buy it in a heartbeat :P
Bioshocking  +   1280d ago
Or republic commando 2
Emilio_Estevez  +   1280d ago
or another KotOR
DeadlyFire  +   1279d ago
or Jedi Knight 3
iamnsuperman  +   1280d ago
What is this video. Feels really dumbed down. Any back to Star Wars its looks OK except for the fact you have no freedom of movement and simplistic moves. Better demo than the last time they showed it
Shadonic  +   1280d ago
yea they could have added a bunch of cool moves like the ones from the main character of force unleashed. I can tell they worked the best they could to get to this point but they could of really done better when it comes to things like moves and characters i guess. I would have added maybe a dual light saber mode and instead of having one arm control force i would have them on the same arm but to use the force you would have to open your hand. and your other hand could be for aiming and to move you could put your foot forward and you would move where your non combat arm is aiming. it could of been done but then again they probably didn't believe that it was possible or couldn't do it or didn't come up with such a control scheme. A sith story line would have also been amazing with a sort of hard mode where you go against other jedi and rancor's and stuff.
DeadlyFire  +   1279d ago
I think if they waited for Kinect 2.0 then maybe this could work. Right now its not all that great. I think the best part of Kinect is voice commands at the moment.

I think its funny in this demo we see mostly other modes around the Jedi part as well. Even they know the Jedi part is not that great.
from the beach  +   1280d ago
Ignoring the tremendously cheesy video.. I think this'll be a fun game.
Droid Control  +   1280d ago
I wish I could play Star wars Kinect with a pad.
The gmae controls appear really dumbed down, I see lag. And it looks really repetitive. Hack, hack, hack, jump, hack, force push etc...

Where is the depth?
Can you even walk around freely, explore the world, do anything other than hack, hack, hack...?

God, wish I could play KOTOR 3
gamingdroid  +   1280d ago
***I wish I could play Star wars Kinect with a pad.***

Do you really?

I mean there are plenty Star Wars games with a pad already. The whole fun idea with this game is Kinect.
YourFlyness  +   1280d ago
not trying to be a fanboy, but this type of game screams MOVE
Shadonic  +   1280d ago
i agree move would have an advantage due to the analog stick, but i do believe that this game could have been done better as well with kinect than what it is now. Welp i cant really judge the thing until ive actually played it so yea. Fusion of kinect and move would be cool though for this move would handle slashing and movement and kinect could be used for gesture activated moves like a huge force push and force grabbing and maybe some sort of voice commands like in mass effect or for calling in air drops of clones in a sort of warfare mode where you play as a jedi on the battlefield during a huge war. A perfect blend of each devices advantages
archemides518  +   1280d ago
zero authenticity in this video........microsoft should be ashamed to be coordinating and approving this. it's as if they have no respect for the viewer at all. though i will say it is one step back from the disney christmas parade unabashedly hocking as a disney parks ad
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younglj01  +   1279d ago
Those are the worst people too show off an game ever.You can tell that they was putting on an phony show.I know MS is paying them but is it hard for them too act like they is REALLY playing the game.I didnt see any side by side footage.
FernandoMartinez  +   1279d ago
This game looks just pathetnic... Ever since the fake E3 video and than the first gameplay videos, i ask myself every time i see new footage, why don't they just scrap this shit. Oh, right, it's a SW game, it will still sell in millions, just like Force Unleashed 2...

Why do they need special motion capture equipment for capturing that woman for the dancing/workout game, can't they just use Kinect, since it's so accurate and all ;)
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urwifeminder  +   1279d ago
Sweet looking forward to some kinnect star action.
mayberry  +   1279d ago
The actors made me cringe! They clearly new they were selling their souls for a buck to hawk that horrible jalopy of a game! so sad! had to go with the "WOW" factor, not alone the clever "slight of hand(eye)", diversion tactic by using the most authentic r2-d2 ever! again... so sad! shame shame!

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