It’s About Time We Published Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time for PSP

PSBlog: It’s been years since the last Growlanser game, dearest members of the Blog of PlayStation (Growlanser: Heritage of War, for those of you playing “PlayStation Blog: The At-Home Edition,” was released for PS2 back in 2007). Even before that, hardcore RPG fans have been clamoring for the fourth entry, one of their favorites in the series, to make its way to North America. Now, there are always factors for games released in Japan to either never come or come much, much later to US shores. This was one of those cases where hope seemed quite faint.

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banjadude2509d ago

Ohhh yeah! Atlus pulls through, once again. Give me a limited edition (or some pre-order goodies) and I'm ready to put down money!

Ulf2509d ago

I expected PSP support for stuff like MLB The Show, FIFA, etc. for a couple years, but more great RPGs is just... awesome.

Blaine2509d ago

Another game for my AtlusStation Portable!

biosonico2509d ago

More time to live for the PSP ^^