Forza Motorsport 4 Review - Saving Content

Excerpt: "The new World Tour mode replaces the Season Play from Forza 3, and gives you the choice of races this time around. You select from a set of three races based on the car you’re currently in and from the cars in your garage. This is great because you can progress through the main game without ever having to stop and buy new cars. Of course, you’ll want to have new cars to play with but if you only want to race around in your Chevrolet Spark, go right ahead and do so. If you do come to a point where your F class Spark isn’t tuned properly, the game will offer to automatically upgrade it for you, obviously for a price but it sure makes the experience swift. This isn’t to say you couldn’t just go and do it yourself and customize the way you want, but for the player who just needs to go and go now, there’s no waiting."

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vishant1012513d ago

This was personally my goty yea i got gears and skyrim and portal 2 but this was the only game that actually didn't have anything that i think they could have improved on that isn't just content, great job turn ten, if i could have one wish please make an auto vista model for every car next time thanks :)

IRetrouk2512d ago

it was a great game, but the jaggies were bad and the ai sucked, still 9 outta 10 all day long

Idonthatejustcreate2511d ago

Add repetitive gameplay, little to no difference in choice of advancement through world tour, a truck load of content less than GT5, and way too easy for a hardcore racer.

I would say 8/10.

GT5 should be 8.5/10. Mainly due to outdated graphics and poor loading times. But overall it has a lot more bang for your buck than Forza 4.

flappersack2512d ago

Great game, but do we really need reviews this old? I know it came out in October, but its too far behind to be called news.

spike2511d ago

Best racing game period