PlayStation Vita Has its First 100,000 Seller

PlayStation Vita is still a ways from having a million seller. But it did reach a more modest landmark recently: its first 100,000 seller.

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MasterCornholio2310d ago

I'm not surprised that its hot shots.


guitarded772310d ago

Me neither... the game has a broad appeal and it's one of those games that is perfect for a handheld device in general... especially the PSV with it's touch features on the front and back.

GribbleGrunger2310d ago

i'd also be interested to see the PSN sales too

banjadude2310d ago

Hot Shots Golf is a DAMN GOOD game!

groupama32310d ago

how did hot shots do on psp at the time?

rexbolt2310d ago ShowReplies(4)
Pikajew2310d ago

I am surprised it took this long. I thought it would have happened closer to the launch

Knushwood Butt2310d ago

These figures don't take into account digital sales either.

It should have a pretty respectable lifetime figure once global sales are there too.

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