Level5 Japan: Amazing Offices Are Amazing

It's not clear if Level5 (Dark Cloud series, Rogue Galaxy, Dragon Quest remakes, White Knight Story, Jeanne d'Arc) will become the next Square Enix yet, but one thing's for sure: they're working in high style.

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Darkiewonder3720d ago

to hang out there. it looks awesome!

killax35633720d ago

Awesome offices.

After seeing their nice diggs and the actual faces of some of them, i feel kind of bad for downloading Joan d'Arc iso off of BT. lol.

Skerj3720d ago

Damn I wanna work there, I'd just move in.

[email protected]3720d ago

I wish to work on a place like THAT! o_O

Baba19063720d ago

ahhh thats why rogue galaxy was so great !!!!!

blade2063720d ago

and to think level 5 will never work with m$ that's what they said great more for the ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.