The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Letho: The Return of the Kingslayer

Letho, the violent assassin of Kings, has something to say to celebrate the launch date of The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition on Xbox 360.

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theeg2430d ago

sweet, can't wait to play this for free on my pc version, it's gonna look so yummy.

pc gets all dlc free, thanks cd project red, you guys are the best dev around, for real, i mean that.

i have talked at least 4 people into buying your game, and they all love it.

good job, glad the 360 people are gonna get to play this gem, hopefully it goes to ps3 as well, it is an rpg than cannot be missed!

imo, better than skyrim, better than me2, better than dark souls.

hano2430d ago

Letho = what made the witcher 2 great. Very good character design.

caboose322430d ago

Yea, he was a brilliant enemy.

dorron2430d ago

This is a game I'd love to have in PS3. Hope it's a timed exclusive as so many games before were supposed to be exclusive for X360 and finally arrived to PS3.

closnyc42430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

this is how good witcher 2 is. It is not all about geralt, which already is one of the most memorable characers in rpgs. They put such good emphasis on letho and his behavior and effects on geralt and the world around you its amazing. Its all grey, never good or bad *cough*bioware*cough*