ICO Novelization Should Never Be Read

ICO: Castle in the Mist is a prime example of a game being dragged, kicking and screaming, into a medium it doesn't belong.

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thorstein2484d ago

Ignore this article.

Ico is a great read. however is not.

Ico is a narrative and therefore it may add to the story of the game. It does so without ruining the story.

Mr_Prest2484d ago

Don't address the headline- address what I actually wrote in the article. Nothing you just wrote indicates you read it.

GamingBuddha092484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

i dont get it....if the book wasnt bad, why say it was bad? isnt that the point of adapting video games into other media like comics and books? so that way we can get more back story or get a different perspective on events?

Mr_Prest2484d ago

What Miyuki Miyabe set out to do (expand on the universe), she did fairly well. My point is, she shouldn't have set out to do it at all.

ICO's a really tightly bound game. It's relatively short, it's very minimalistic, and while a larger universe and mythology is suggested, it's never explained. For me, that mystery is what MAKES the game.
The book unravels everything, lays it bare to see- and it's dull. I couldn't help but find it dull. It's like learning how a magic trick is done- momentarily interesting, but it spoils a mystery that otherwise would have stayed with you.

antihiroprotagonist2484d ago

no, I actually totally understand the idea you're putting forth here in the article. Other users are too asinine to give it a chance, but your sensationalistic headline was an opening for some fierce debate an ad hominem attacks

Mr_Prest2484d ago

I have brought it on myself haven't I! Thanks for the feedback, it's the closest to positive I've gotten on here :)

I openly admit the headline is there to bring in more readers, but I don't think its sensationalism reflects the tone of the article. Still, got no-one to blame but myself for any backlash.

thorstein2484d ago

How is it not sensational? I imagine you know what sensational means. It is yellow journalism. And as for reading your review. Are you claiming that your review entitled, "Should Never Be Read" actually doesn't claim that ICO should never be read? What are you on about?

The modern term for yellow journalism is trolling. And this is certainly trolling for hits. Whether you like that assessment or not, you wrote the headline for just this reason.

thorstein2484d ago

His article claims people are stupid for buying the book. If that isn't ad hominem, I don't know what is. And the hackneyed way the article moves from one topic to another without really delving into what could have been a good argument for why games shouldn't be novelized is ridiculous.

With phrases like: "I'm [effing] stunned this exists." "...they allowed this." just shows how little the article creator knows about the craft of writing or Ueda's vision.

What is apparent is that this is yet another lame attempt at critique. But, as the saying goes, "Those who can, do. Those who can not, criticize." And when the critic is critiqued, oh do we see the spittle fly from their proverbial pie holes.

GarandShooter2484d ago

Are you actually saying that understanding his premise precludes one from disagreeing with it?

Asinine indeed.

HarvesterOSarow2484d ago

Hey I actually saw this book in the store after beating the ICO/Shadow collection. I waited for the HD pack since it was rumored and loved both of the games when they originally came out too. Over the last couple years my fiance' heard me talking these games up so much, and whenever she would see clips of them she would be mesmerized. After she watched me beat the HD collection, we went out for a night on the town and I saw the book.

At first I was really excited! I loved the minimalistic approach to both games and thought "there is so much to explore this has to be a good read" after keeping my eye on it for an hour as I walked through the store I finally decided. I didn't need to read any back story, character development, or details that weren't in the original game because it was a masterpiece in itself and I had already built my own connections. The story I had crafted in my head was exactly how Ueda had intended it to be. He is quoted saying that he wants to give you tools to let you decide the story for yourself. And that's exactly what I had done with both games, and the connections I formed in the Team Ico trilogy (Last Guardian will be tied in somehow).

So after looking at the book in my hand, I put it down and I told my fiance' that I didn't want any taint on my own interpretation of ICO, whether it was from the fans, an author, or Ueda himself.(which btw I have a signed autograph on the collection box art!)

Overall I completely agree with what the article is trying to say. I did find a few wish washy areas though where you say early on the writing is amazing throughout with beautiful descriptions and then towards the end you are cursing it for being so drawn out and boring. I kinda understand that...I guess. But yeah, good job!

thorstein2484d ago

You should read ICO as a standalone book then. It really is beautifully wrought story and it doesn't go so far off what Ueda created. It adds to it.

MkaY2484d ago

I think the question is the same when movies change your view of a book. If you're ready to accept that it may change your view, then you should read it.

I read lot of books. I.e. Dragon Age - The Stolen throne was mediocre book, but it was still entertaining to get little more out of the DA universe.

It is very hard to try compare different formats, but I clearly see the writer's point of view in this aspect. People don't have to agree with it, but it is still interesting angle to the subject. :)