RaceDriver: Grid - Coming Mid 08

Race Driver: GRID, uses the next incarnation of DiRT's game engine. The game will feature Damage, packed grids, intelligent opposition all with a race day atmosphere.

Racing will span three continents, with various modes including drift and circuit using a range of both old and new cars through varying environments suiting the races locale.

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Polluted3845d ago

God damn this game looks nice. Overall DiRT PS3 doesn't look quite as nice as the Gran Turismo demo, but it's close. I can't wait to see what they can do with an improved game engine. If they go a little bit "arcadey" this one could give Project Gotham a run for its money.

xg-ei8ht3845d ago

Yeah and on pc as well, nice.

Damphear3845d ago

cant wait for a nice drift game for ps3. but what ever happened to wangan midnight on ps3?

Fluffy2Duffy3844d ago

Wel Dirt was Rally game where u see dust, dirt and damage on car.. where do u wana see dust comparing to Racedriver? I stil believe Collin Mcrae got the best rally Grapgic uptodate, it's briliant and don't mention Sega Rally, Race driver wil be awsome!!???? But wil it have Multiplayer, Online mode? Then that wil be really fun!!

SabreMan3844d ago

Why not mention SEGA Rally it's a cracking rally arcade racing game

Fluffy2Duffy3843d ago

I know it's an arcade rally game but it doesnt feel like a rally game at all, not realistic..